Virtual Private Networks for Business: Network Security Services

virtual private networks

So many small business owners today are rightfully concerned about data security these days, as cyber attacks on organizations continue to rise. You may have done some preliminary research into virtual private networks, including free VPN services and premium VPN services. Network security services and support are essential to modern businesses of all sizes and…

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A New Zero Day Vulnerability: Avoid a Malicious Email Attack

malicious email attack

In the world of modern business where nearly everyone uses a computer or electronic device of some soft to make sales, contact clients, work with vendors, and receive queries, you need to know that the apps, programs, operating systems, and hardware you use are safe. While nothing is 100 percent safe, as long as there…

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Improve Data Management: Data Governance Tools and Policies

improve data management

If there’s one thing that all businesses need across the board, it’s better organization and management tools for data. It can be challenging to create a company data policy, but even more difficult to implement data access policies throughout the entire corporate structure. This can be true, even for small to medium-sized companies. However, when…

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New Study: Human-Written Phishing Emails Work Better Than AI

generative AI phishing emails

While there have been a lot of concerns about the power of generative AI phishing emails and how they might allow cyber criminals to increase their phishing attacks, a new study shows that human-written social engineering emails are still more successful. With all of the advances being made in AI-based technology, in particular generative AI,…

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Semiconductor Industry: Global Chip Shortage Impacts Business

global chip shortage

Depending on the type of business you operate, you might not think that the global supply chain issues surrounding the semiconductor industry impacts the ongoing success of your organization. However, nearly every business on earth depends significantly on semiconductor manufacturing for everything from communications to computers, as well as many of the tools that we…

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Customized IT Security: Tailored IT for Growing Organizations

customized IT security

If you are looking to expand your business opportunities or if you are anticipating growth in other ways, it pays to utilize customized IT security services to ensure that you are prepared for whatever may come your way. It is essential to recognize that the current digital landscape depends heavily on tailored IT solutions. Our…

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Maximize Your Company’s Potential: Managed Services in Boston

managed services

One of the best things you can do to ensure the growth and dependability of your business for many years to come is to hire a professional to provide reliable monitoring and managed services. Synivate takes a methodical approach to bringing your company into compliance with the industry standards in your field. We’ve perfected a…

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Cloud Security: Protect Your Organization’s Virtual Environment

cloud security

Even the most experienced IT department may not be prepared to meet all of your needs when it comes to delivering effective cloud security for your virtual environment. Traditional cybersecurity services just don’t have what it takes when it comes to protecting cloud computing and cloud-based data storage. It is essential to establish a network…

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Best Practices: Establishing a Zero Trust Model for Your Business

zero trust model

Once upon a time, businesses utilized a more traditional method of security to safeguard everything from sensitive data to entire systems and networks. This was known as the perimeter-based security model. Unfortunately, as technology evolved and cybercriminals got more creative in their approach, a more sophisticated method was required. DDoS and other modern attacks, including…

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