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Cloud Computing Threats: Solutions for Cloud Managed Networks

New studies have revealed that the most significant threats to cloud computing are not malware and other traditional vulnerabilities, but more related to configuration and authentication. Protect your essential company data with cloud computing services from Synivate. Our Greater Boston software solutions can be used to enhance security for cloud managed networks, including hybrid cloud…

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Greater Boston IT Solutions to Secure Your Microsoft Account

There are a lot of security issues these days for businesses concerning signing into accounts. One account that hackers would love to gain access to is your Microsoft account. There are lots of things connected to this account, and all the cyber criminals need is just one username and password combination to get inside. While…

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Email Account Takeover Attacks: A Growing Problem for Business

Phishing and spear phishing attacks against businesses have reached an all-time high. Business owners and managers need to be aware of the risks, in particular with regard to email account takeover attacks. Professional remote monitoring by Greater Boston managed service providers can employ a wide range of protective measures to keep your essential data safe.…

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Digital Identity Fraud Protection: 24/7 Monitoring in Boston

A new study has revealed that data being sold on the Dark Web that has been captured through the use of malware can be used to impersonate your identity online. Digital fingerprints is the term used to describe this data, which falls under digital identity fraud. Greater Boston data protection services can be used to…

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Employee Education in Boston: Lateral Phishing is on the Rise

lateral phishing attacks in Boston

Consulting and strategy solutions are often asked to assist Greater Boston businesses with network security issues. One of the most significant issues facing businesses today is lack of employee education in Boston. Malicious emails, including phishing and lateral phishing attacks, can seriously compromise your organization and are becoming an increased security threat. The cyber attacks…

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Industry-Specific Cloud Solutions for Greater Boston Business

industry-specific cloud services

Cloud solutions for industry have become very popular and widespread in the business world today. Industry-specific cloud solutions have been customized to meet the specific needs of a particular industry and maximize the return on their investment. Greater Boston cloud computing can be achieved by working with a professional service provider like Synivate to ensure…

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How AI-based Apps in Boston Pose Huge Employee Security Risks

AI-based app risks for Boston businesses

A couple of weeks ago it seemed like everyone was posting the FaceApp pictures of themselves on social media with the old age filter. This app went viral supernova overnight with big-time celebrities leading the way. There was even a #faceappchallenge hashtag going around that really helped to get everyone else on board. Unfortunately, AI-based…

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Outsource, Delegate & Quit Micromanaging Your Boston Business

outsource IT services in Boston

Studies show that people who are micromanagers by nature can negatively impact productivity and morale in the office, increasing high turnover rates. In a world where quality employees are harder and harder to come by, this could quickly spell disaster if left unchecked. Take time to learn how to outsource, delegate, and quit micromanaging your…

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Is Your Boston Business Prepared for Windows 7 End of Life?

windows 7 end of life

For those who really love Windows 7 and all it has to offer, a sad day is coming very soon. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop providing support and updates for the popular operating system. It can be challenging to prepare for a Windows OS change, especially if you have a lot of programs…

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Traveler Beware: Boston Security Solutions for Visual Hackers

visual hacking alert in boston

Visual Hacking Alert – A new report from reveals that approximately 80 percent of business travelers claim that visual hacking is a serious threat. What is visual hacking? It is when someone can view your business or personal data on your screen over your shoulder without you even knowing it. That guy on the…

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