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Magical World of Technology: Industrial Internet of Things

industrial internet of things

If you have been watching the growth of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and wondered how you might apply it to your business model, take a look at how Disney Parks is using it to their advantage. In a partnership with Hitachi, the goal is to help advance the innovations at Disney’s global theme parks.…

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Prepare Your Boston Business

boston cybersecurity awareness

The month of October was dubbed Cybersecurity Awareness Month. How did you celebrate? Did you take the time to read up on the latest network security technologies? Did you upgrade your security programs to provide better protection for your business? Did you create a back-up and recovery plan? Small and large companies are both regular…

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Compliance and the Cloud: Boston Cloud Computing and Security

cloud computing in boston

As more industries begin to shift their workloads from an on-premises infrastructure to cloud managed networks and servers, issues begin to arise concerning data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance. While some industries have little to no regulation regarding data, others are drowning in it. The healthcare industry is one such example where potential risks associated…

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Boston Data Protection: Zero Day Vulnerability & Your Business

boston zero day vulnerability

Most technology-driven businesses have at least heard of the term zero day vulnerability. However, if you haven’t attempted to protect your network and business from this type of event, you need to do it right away. Understanding what it is, what it can mean for your company, and how you can protect yourself from it…

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Boston Managed Service: Stop Wasting Time on Email Attacks

greater boston phishing attacks

Recent studies reveal that businesses who manually address breaches that are a result of email-based attacks are wasting on average three and a half hours for remediation. What’s worse is that more than ten percent of the companies surveyed spent nearly twice as much time taking care of the same kind of attacks. How prepared…

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Greater Boston Data Protection: Business Continuity Solutions

boston business continuity solutions

Many of the innovative technology solutions that we provide to our clients in the Greater Boston area have something to do with business continuity. As more businesses rely heavily on a complex network of technology for their daily operations and communications, it becomes clear that IT solutions for business must focus on understanding the potential…

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Multi-Cloud Environments for Big Data in Greater Boston Area

multi-cloud environments for boston businesses

As more companies make a move to cloud computing strategies, developers are looking to new ways to establish strategies for using data in multiple environments. Data management systems have become instrumental in the growth and success of businesses all over the world. Cloud computing has opened the door to being able to collect data, optimize…

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New Threat for Cyber Attacks from Remote Desktop Protocol?

boston remote desktop protocol vulnerabilities

A brand new report suggests that due to an increase in industry-wide use of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from Microsoft, this popular remote desktop connection has become a very tempting target for cyber attacks. Many businesses use this method, which is built into Windows and available to other popular platforms, to access, control, and…

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Cloud Computing Threats: Solutions for Cloud Managed Networks

New studies have revealed that the most significant threats to cloud computing are not malware and other traditional vulnerabilities, but more related to configuration and authentication. Protect your essential company data with cloud computing services from Synivate. Our Greater Boston software solutions can be used to enhance security for cloud managed networks, including hybrid cloud…

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Greater Boston IT Solutions to Secure Your Microsoft Account

There are a lot of security issues these days for businesses concerning signing into accounts. One account that hackers would love to gain access to is your Microsoft account. There are lots of things connected to this account, and all the cyber criminals need is just one username and password combination to get inside. While…

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