Security Challenges in 2022: Managing & Monitoring Solutions

security challenges in 2022

As we say goodbye to 2021 and move head-on into 2022, we see more and more organizations moving to migrate their data, software, and other essential assets to the cloud. As a result, the security challenges in 2022 will be diverse and new for many IT departments, who must stay focused on a wide range…

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The More You Know: Lifecycle of Phishing Websites and Pages

phishing websites

Industry experts who provide network security for small business and mid-size business clients spend many hours researching the ins and outs of cyber criminals in Boston and the surrounding area. The more we can learn about how phishing websites and pages work, the easier it will eventually be to prevent future attacks and catch up…

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Fixed Wireless Access and 5G: Broadband Internet for Business

fixed wireless access in Boston

How does your business connect to the Internet in the Greater Boston area? Industry research giant Deloitte has precited that 2022 will be huge for fixed wireless access (FWA) service, which utilizes cellular data signals to provide fast and reliable broadband internet for business and consumer use. This growth will take place over a few…

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Apache Log4j Vulnerability

password safety protocols

As you may be aware – a vulnerability has been identified within the Apache Log4j tool. It is being tracked under Log4j is a logging tool created by Apache and widely in use across various organizations. Our security team has conducted a full impact assessment and have found no evidence of successful exploitation. The only…

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Hybrid Workforce Solutions for Modern Business Organizations

hybrid workforce solutions

A global pandemic, the Great Resignation, and the impact felt by the shift to remote work staff are here to stay. Now that employees understand that they can work from home, it is going to be next to impossible to get them back in the office for a traditional nine-to-five work schedule. Studies show that…

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Professional Data Maintenance Services: Protect Data Analytics

data maintenance services

For many years, analytics was thought to be an experimental tool that was used to help businesses to make educated guesses about decisions that they might need to make in the future. However, analytics has become an instrumental and valuable opportunity for many organizations and can be used in many different ways to use collected…

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Black Friday Security Issues: Cybercrime on the Rise in 2021

cybercrime on the rise

While it seems as though we never see the numbers for malicious retail websites and ransomware attacks actually go down, studies show that many mitigating factors are responsible for cybercrime on the rise for the 2021 holiday shopping season. According to Check Point Research, more than 5,000 brand new malicious websites turn up each week…

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Bait Attacks: Don’t Get Lured In By These Cybercrime Strategies

bait attacks

Like other criminals who scope out your vehicle or home in search of good things to steal, cybercrime strategies often involve what is known as a reconnaissance attack. If you even notice that bait attacks have occurred, you might be left wondering what the cybercriminal got out of the experience. For most victims, their data…

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Benefits of Working with Multiple Cloud Services for Business

multiple cloud services

If you have been considering multi-cloud computing services for your small-to-medium-sized business (SMB), there are many advantages associated with today’s hybrid cloud strategies. Many different types of commercial, corporate, and industrial businesses now utilize multiple cloud services to help them achieve their goals, manage costs, and ensure their ability to grow in the future. However,…

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Preventing Cyber Attacks: Vishing Attack Cases on the Rise

vishing attacks

While some people think that only small businesses with limited resources are vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks, some of the most intense, costly, and elaborate attacks have happened to well-known corporations. The reasons for this might be that these big companies have more for the cybercriminals to gain or for the simple goal of bragging rights…

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