Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Cloud-Powered Solutions

The Cisco Meraki product line is comprised of various networking components that build a complete network from the firewall to endpoint connectivity. We strongly feel that the Meraki product line is far superior than any traditional network component.

Security with the Meraki product line is unprecedented. All traffic is filtered through a secure cloud maintained by Cisco and is monitored by our network operations center. Meraki firewalls with advanced security offers granular content filtering to prevent unwanted browsing and block known sources of malware and malicious websites. Content filtering can be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory to provide different levels of access to certain groups of personnel.

MX Cloud Managed Security Appliance Series (PDF)

The MX has a comprehensive suite of network services, eliminating the need for multiple appliances.

Reliability is extremely important when it comes to core network hardware. A failure at the network core can take down hundreds of end users and in some cases the entire facility. Meraki products have a resilient design, come with a lifetime warranty and offer the ability to provision a highly available configuration with a redundant unit.

is very important in any corporate network. Meraki products provide auditing capabilities out of the box to ensure compliance audits run smoothly. Also, analytical data can be utilized for marketing and re-marketing purposes in commercial retail environments.

Backups can be complicated for traditional networking gear. Often times, small changes are made to networking components over time and the changes are not saved to a backup configuration file. With Meraki this is not a concern because the configuration is secured in Cisco's encrypted cloud and is easily accessible for review or restore capabilities.

Meraki Location Analytics for Retail Applications (PDF)

Meraki enables multi-site analysis and reporting of users with WiFi devices through location analytics.

Cisco Meraki Cloud Dashboard

This screenshot was taken from the Meraki dashboard. The dashboard and control panel allows you to view your network, make changes, perform audits and view historical data for all clients or specific clients in your network. Do your employees spend too much time browsing social media sites? You can find out after switching to Meraki.