Managed IT Services – Contractors

Managed IT Services for Contractors

Information technology is integral to the successful operation of contractors and construction companies. Forward-thinking firms utilize a wide range of software to enable more efficient and effective collaboration, project management, and problem solving. As workers, managers, and executives travel between offices and job sites, they depend on cloud-based solutions and reliable networks to communicate and get the job done.

Let Synivate Do the Heavy Lifting

At Synivate, our managed IT services help numerous contracting firms ensure their daily operations go smoothly and productively. It’s not always cost-effective for companies in the construction industry to sustain in-house IT departments. That’s why we provide professional remote management and monitoring services that can be, in many ways, superior to in-house support. We customize our solutions to your unique needs to minimize downtime, optimize performance, and ensure your firm can get the job done.

Construction Software & System Updates

Everything from construction equipment to cash flow management systems depends on secure, up-to-date software. Proactively addressing these updates can be key to addressing security problems before they happen. Our managed IT services for contractors ensures that these updates are applied as soon as possible, keeping your networks and equipment safe from potential security breaches.

System Performance Optimization for Contractors

As time marches on, optimizing the performance of your network and digital systems only becomes more important to the operation and overall profitability of your contracting firm. Our IT experts will make sure that your systems and devices - including computers, servers, peripherals, and other essential equipment - all run as effectively as possible.

Advanced Cloud Solutions

Contracting firms are always on the go. Between headquarters and various job sites, they need to access important data and software no matter where they may be. Synivate provides advanced cloud computing solutions that help you boost your resources, increase your capabilities, and provide quick and easy access to your data.

Communications Services for Construction Companies

For construction companies, collaboration and communication are key. Synivate provides custom communication solutions designed to fit your exact needs. Between screen sharing, Voice over IP (VoIP) services, mobility solutions, instant messaging, and email and phone communication, we will make sure you’re connected 24/7.

IT Monitoring & Management for Contractors

Synivate provides contracting firms with comprehensive IT management services. Our expert staff even comes to your locations once a month to provide essential on-site support, making sure that your IT needs are thoroughly covered. To learn more about our IT monitoring and management services, call Synivate at 617-517-0704 or contact us online today!