Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams Phone System Instead of Traditional Landlines

Microsoft Teams Phone SystemMost businesses use Microsoft Teams to some degree to provide effective communication and collaboration between management and employees. In 2020, organizations scrambled to find a secure means of communicating with work-from-home employees during the pandemic restrictions. However, many continue to use this powerful tool in a wide range of unique ways today. In addition to the collaboration and chat tools provided by Teams via Microsoft 365, there is an option for a unified communications system that can be facilitated via the Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Microsoft Teams with Calling Plan vs Traditional Landlines

It is an unfair comparison to look at the different features provided by Team Phones with Calling Plan and traditional landline phone systems. Microsoft Teams is known for providing seamless connections between chat, video calls, messaging, file storage, collaboration, and, of course, voice calls. For many different types of businesses, it is possible to fully replace your traditional landlines with a united communications system via Microsoft Teams. As more businesses look to streamline costs, increase productivity, provide collaboration tools, and improve customer service response, they are turning to Microsoft Teams Phone for solutions.

One of the most significant costs in operating a brick and mortar business is the traditional phone system, which includes annual charges for hardware and upgrades, installation, maintenance, and, of course, monthly fees. Many organizations are now going online, moving out of the standard storefront setting, and are expanding operations to multiple locations. The Teams Phone with Calling Plan can help to replace your existing traditional landline system and bring your business into the modern era of communications. This is especially true if you have a large customer service department, which needs to communicate with customers via multiple methods beyond traditional voice calls. Those older phone systems simply can’t compare when it comes to the opportunities and flexibility offered by VoIP calling, video calling, messaging, chat, and collaboration through Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Phone System vs VoIP Systems

One of the ways that businesses found to communicate with their team members and customers is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. This type of phone system allows organizations to utilize a feature-rich phone system in any location, not just at the office. It provided the means for sudden work-from-home employees to communicate effectively with customers to ensure consistency and connectivity anytime, anywhere. However, a significant drawback to VoIP technology is that it does not offer the ability to easily integrate with other types of communications applications and technologies. When Microsoft introduced their own VoIP calling into the Teams app, ideas about VoIP for business significantly changed.

There are many benefits associated with using Microsoft Teams phone system voice calling option, which allows seamless operations between calls, messaging, video calls, and chat. Everything is streamlined into a single location, which allows for easier organization, improved productivity, enhanced efficiency, and easier tracking, as needed. VoIP systems continue to grow, expand, change, and evolve to meet the demands of consumers and businesses alike. If you are searching for a unified communications platform for your company or organization, contact our team at Synivate to discuss your options. We can help to create a custom approach based on your unique needs, industry requirements, and budgetary demands.

Top Benefits of the Microsoft Teams Phone System for Business

Still not convinced that it is time to make the move from traditional phone lines to a more advanced VoIP-based unified communications system with Teams Phone Standard features? When evaluating any new technology for your organization, it is essential to consider four main points to see whether the value is there for daily business operations. Cost-effectiveness is essential, as well as the opportunity to increase efficiency, production, and collaboration. If you could find a phone system that would enhance those critical areas of performance for your small to medium-sized business, would you make the change? Here are some significant reasons why you should consider the Teams Phone with Calling Plan add-on for your Microsoft 365 system today.

  • Reduced Costs – While it is important to always look at more than just the bottom line, in the current economic world we live and operate our businesses in, cost will always be an essential factor. When you make the switch from a traditional landline phone system to a VoIP-based network, you will enjoy considerable cost savings. Even when you simply compare the monthly costs of operation for a landline phone system compared to Microsoft Teams Voice, you will save hundreds each month. This powerful plan starts at just $20 per user, making it scalable and affordable for nearly any type of business. In addition, you will save annual costs on maintaining your landline phone system, as well as hardware, hardware upgrades, and ongoing maintenance, ringing in easily thousands of dollars in ongoing bills each year.
  • Simplified Communication Tools – The best thing you can do for your team is to make things like communicating with each other and providing quality customer service a lot easier. Compared to traditional phone systems, integrating the Microsoft VoIP phone system will make it much easier to seamlessly switch from phone to video calls, chat to direct messaging, and even document sharing, as needed. It will be much easier for your team to make one-on-one calls to customers or bring in other employees and departments for group calls. A quick and easy change can also be made to turn a voice call to video with screen-sharing capabilities. Microsoft Teams Phone System does not limit you to voice-only calls but opens up a whole world of communications tools at your fingertips.
  • Truly Unified Communications – It is impossible to discuss the different ways that Microsoft Teams Phone Standard allows users to communicate with each other without pointing out the clear benefits of a unified communication system. Your team likely uses a dozen or more different apps each day as they navigate the daily ins and outs of operations. Why add more to their already wide platform of tools? With the Microsoft Teams Phone Standard, your team will be able to consolidate all of their communications tools into one under the Microsoft 365 umbrella. Studies show that less apps means increased productivity and efficiency. Switching between different apps can slow down the work process and result in distractions or time lost during the day. Teams Phone with Calling Plan integrates with the main Teams workspace, allowing file sharing, team messaging, and more, all without leaving the interface.
  • Enterprise-Class Features – If cost-savings weren’t enough of a motivator, the features that you can get by switching to the Microsoft Teams Phone System should be. There are many features included with this Microsoft 365 VoIP system that you would never be able to get in a traditional landline system. Some of the truly enterprise-class features that you and your team can enjoy with Teams Phone with Calling Plan include custom greetings, group call pickup, simultaneous ring, audio conferencing, hold music, and call queues. You can even take advantage of cloud voicemail with transcription, an auto attendant, and contact center integration for seamless control, whether you are in the office or at an offsite location. These are definitely features that you would not be able to get with a classic phone system. You can truly upgrade the communications experience for your customer service department and provide your staff with the ability to communicate with each other more effectively.
  • Increased Security – Like other Microsoft products, Teams Phone Standard and Microsoft 365 come with a variety of security features already included or available for add-on. Microsoft Teams Phone System is designed with some of the highest standards in the industry for reliability and security. When you work with a team of professionals on your unified communications system, you can have the entire project designed and built custom according to your needs. This will ensure that all of your calls – including voice and video – are fully protected. Any data shared via the Teams Phone with Calling Plan system are secured, as well.
  • Communicate Anywhere via Multiple Devices – Whether you and your team work remotely or if you travel a lot for business, you can take advantage of the option to use multiple devices and answer phones from anywhere with Teams Phone Standard. Not only does this improve your ability to be responsive to the needs of your customers or clients, but it also allows you to be more mobile as you grow your organization and expand your reach. Your teams of remote workers will have full access to the phone system, allowing for hybrid work environments, remote workers, traveling team members, and more. You and your team can communicate via mobile device, personal computer, desk phones that are Teams-enabled, and conference room devices.
  • Central Management System – Whether you administer your unified communication system yourself in-house or if you outsource this service to an off-site monitoring and management service, your entire Microsoft Teams Phone System can be centrally managed for best results. Your IT team can easily add new users, remove former staff, assign phone numbers, and do everything from a single console. Once again, this method helps to improve efficiency, especially if you add lines or extensions on a regular basis. In just a few minutes, new users can be setup without having to wait on a technician to install new hardware.

Unified Communications at Synivate

If you are interested in learning more about how to integrate a diverse communication and collaboration platform for seamless operations at your place of business, contact our team at Synivate. We can answer any questions that you might have about traditional landlines, VoIP services, and the Microsoft Teams Phone System to help you determine which method is best for you and your organization. While communications has reaped the reward of some of the most recent advancements to technology, how you use these tools to your advantage is what can really set you apart from the competition. You can choose to use these tools to collaborate, communicate, and perform daily duties, or you can limit your use of them to just a few options.

It is essential to consider all of the options when it comes to designing the best communications network for your business. Our team will consult with you to determine your goals, needs, and any industry requirements that must be adhered to before suggesting any options for Teams Phone with Calling Plan or any other type of dynamic VoIP phone system. If you would like to learn more about what we do at Synivate or would like to receive a phone call about getting a free consultation, give us a call at 617-517-0704 and speak with one of our friendly team members about your needs. We serve the greater Boston area and beyond, providing innovative technology solutions to small, medium, and large-sized business owners throughout the New England region.

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