Seamless VoIP Services and Communication Solutions

Communications is one area of business that has reaped the most reward from advancements to technology. It has made improvements in the way that employees communicate, collaborate, and perform their duties. This positively affects both communications with co-workers and customers. Many businesses now rely on instant messaging, screen sharing, Voice over IP (VoIP) services, mobility solutions, and other efficient types of communication in addition to email and telephone contact. Unified communications is the term used to describe the integration of these options together into one comprehensive communications solution.

Custom Communications Options

To design the best communications network for your business, it is important to consider all of your options and choose the ones that will provide you with the most opportunity for improving efficiency and productivity. Synivate will work with you and your team to choose communications tools that will keep your systems running with minimal downtime and providing monitoring services to ensure that everything is running effectively. We can also help you develop policies regarding the use of these communications tools to reduce distractions during work hours.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to communications. The tools that are made available to the business world are extremely diverse, providing the opportunity for customization according to your specific needs. For example, your company's email system can be based in-house where more security and control can be provided, or it can be hosted on a dedicated cloud server off-site. Instant communications, such as screen sharing, video conferencing, and instant messaging, can all be made available using software applications, cloud services, or specific programs. Choose from VoIP systems or traditional phone carriers for voice communications to help reduce costs and improve service, as needed.

Do You Want to Integrate?

One question that you should ask yourself is whether you want to integrate your communications systems together into one cohesive network. While you can patch everything that you already have together to create the overall services that you desire, you will ultimately have more control over communication and collaboration tools if you integrate these systems together. Most businesses will use several different solutions, with various options running independently from each other. However, more and more businesses are turning to integrated communications systems to improve efficiency and security, while providing the means to expand their business more effectively in the future.

Speak with your Synivate technician regarding the options available to your for a unified communications solution. Our team can work with you to develop a network of advanced technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing communications systems. This will help you to be able to check emails, voicemails, instant messaging, and use other communications tools, all from a single point of use interface that can be accessed through the use of many different devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and smartphones. This can help a wide range of businesses from start-ups that are "on the move," to expanding networks that want to find new ways to boost productivity.

When you are ready to start setting up a unified communications solution, our team of highly trained and experienced technology experts at Synivate can help you to make informed decisions about the options you want to include. We will go over all of the tools, systems, applications, and solutions available that are best designed to suit the needs of your business. Then we will work with you and your team to install and configure the new system according to your specifications. Synivate can even provide training for you and your staff.

Developing Policies for Use

One of the most important steps in the creation of a custom unified communications solution is to develop policies that will help guide your staff in the use of these new tools. Policies can be very important to prevent conduct that might cause problems for productivity, especially when applications that include instant messaging, email, and social media are included. You might want to also consult with an attorney that specializes in legal advice for advanced technology and labor laws, there are a few things that you will want to include in any such policies that you develop:

  • policies regarding personal use of communications tools, including both sending and receiving of personal emails or messages
  • advisement regarding the ownership of all communications in the workplace and the legal ability of the company to read emails or messages at any time; it is important to provide a warning to employees that these communications may be read even if you do not plan on immediately doing so
  • best practices policies that include guidelines regarding the use of strong passwords, warnings about risky behaviors and bad habits, or posting comments on social media accounts that belong to the company

If you have comprehensive policies in place regarding the use of communications in the workplace, you can avoid or reduce liability in the future if employees utilize email or other tools for illegal or inappropriate actions. Go over your policies with an experienced attorney to ensure that you are adequately covered for any possible liabilities.

Monitoring & Management

The next phase in the development of effective communications tools is to ensure that the entire system will be properly monitored and managed. When you hire a company like Synivate to monitor and manage your unified communications solution or other communications tools and applications, you can count on the knowledge and experience of the team to ensure that everything is being appropriately handled.

Some of the duties associated with monitoring and managing communications include:

  • update communications software as it is made available to fix known bugs and reduce vulnerabilities for security purposes
  • update firmware for hardware, such as VoIP phones, routers, and modems as soon as they become available to reduce security threats
  • replace applications and software when support ceases to reduce vulnerabilities to cyber attacks and other threats
  • monitor the performance of all software and hardware tools to ensure that everything is working as it should

Simplify Communications and Collaborations

Synivate can help you to simplify your approach to communications by establishing a custom unified communications solution. In addition, we can also remotely monitor and manage your system to ensure that it is operating effectively and efficiently. The tools that we provide will make it easier for your employees to do their jobs, whether that includes communicating with co-workers, vendors, customers, or clients.

Our team can help you choose the best hardware, software applications, and tools to help you create a comprehensive unified communications solution. Our mission is to assist our clients in selecting the best features to suit their unique needs and budget, while providing the opportunity to expand and grow, as needed. Contact Synivate to talk about the various options available for communication or collaboration to help improve productivity and efficiency for your business.