Innovative Technologies. Accelerated Workflows.

At Synivate, we empower forward-thinking companies to break through IT barriers on the path to frictionless productivity and heightened growth.

Managed Services

We have a structured approach to helping your business align with industry best practices. This process, which we've refined over the years, is a six-stage journey designed to transform your IT landscape.

Hosted Applications

Our managed Azure services leverage the power of Microsoft's robust cloud infrastructure to drive your business forward, ensuring optimal configuration, seamless migration, and continuous management of your cloud resources.

Managed Security

Our MDR services equip your business with a comprehensive threat management strategy, delivering 24/7 security monitoring, incident response, and continuous threat hunting.


We take great satisfaction in identifying the optimal solutions tailored to your technology needs. Partnering with us will enhance your business's operational efficiency and cybersecurity posture.

Disaster Recovery

We help you plan, implement, and manage a recovery strategy that ensures minimal disruption and rapid restoration of your IT infrastructure and business operations in the event of a disaster. We'll help secure your business continuity and protect your critical data.

Cloud Computing

Synivate's cloud computing solutions offer exceptional computing power and robust security, aimed at driving your business's performance to new heights.

Going Beyond Traditional IT

When it comes to your IT systems, you need more than just the latest technology alone. That’s why we deliver 360° support to identify the root cause of your problems and implement the optimal design solution. From integrations to managed services and everything in between, we transform pitfalls into progress for our clients.