Top Tier Site Development

About Top Tier Site Development

Top Tier Site Development is a general contractor focusing on commercial and residential construction, industrial electrical solutions and telecommunications integration services. The genesis of TTSD was forged with a simple motto: each new opportunity, project, and new relationship would be built from the ground up. Their business has evolved from a four-person enterprise working out of a garage to a staff of over 60 professionals working across five divisions in five states, with a fleet of over 40 vehicles.

Technology Needs

Initial consultations with TTSD started with the need for a basic server to house company files and a simple accounting database. Since their inception in 2011 we have assisted them throughout the process with upgrading their technology infrastructure to support their rapid growth. With any startup company there is a need to choose the right technology partner who can advise appropriate and scalable solutions to ensure their systems can keep up with their rapid expansion. TTSD needed a partner with all-around technology experience to facilitate and support anything relating to "IT".


The initial challenge was designing a solution that would allow TTSD to scale their business rapidly, all while keeping their initial IT investments within budget. The nature of TTSD's business revolves around a large field personnel who needs secure and highly available access to business data and applications. Also, the solution needed to be accessible 24/7 to all locations across the US. This required an IT team who could assist with new employee setups, new software build outs, technology advising with business processes and the constant evolution of growing business data.

Our Solution

We implemented a VMware environment that provided a level of redundancy along with entry-level performance that would allow us to easily expand the infrastructure with time. The VMware infrastructure was build on 100% Dell technology. TTSD grew from the initial four employees to over sixty professionals across five divisions in five states in just five years.

The initial design focused on a localized setup for a small office environment. Quickly, this evolved into a large environment to support the workload of the increasing number of personnel. We leveraged Microsoft Terminal Services to provide a simple and effective solution that would allow all employees across the US to access their data at any time. This design allowed for a highly available configuration all while maintaining data backups at multiple sites for rapid disaster recovery.


Today, TTSD has over sixty professionals continuing to utilize the technology that we implemented in 2011. We have managed and maintained the infrastructure since, and have provided TTSD with help desk support along the way. TTSD utilizes our Veeam Cloud Connect services to ensure optimal uptime while maintaining multiple copies of production data and backup data across different geographical locations.

Business IT Solutions, Management & Support

We integrate and support IT solutions to address the complex needs of your business in a convenient, all-in-one service. We have helped hundreds of clients evaluate and resolve their technology needs. Let us help you do the same! We offer free network assessments and evaluations to help you better understand your technology.