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cybersecurity concerns and 5G in Boston

5G & Cybersecurity Concerns: Monitoring & Management Services

Feb 24, 2021

While many are waiting for 5G to just “get here already,” others are concerned about the impact that it will have on cybersecurity concerns. Private and public 5G networks, more complex environments, faster speeds, and broader attack surfaces are just the beginning when it comes to concerns about network vulnerability in Boston and the surrounding…

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help desk support in boston

Help Desk Support Services: Common Support Issues in Boston

Feb 17, 2021

At Synivate, we are known for the many services that we provide to our customers in the Greater Boston area. In particular, our remote monitoring and management services have been instrumental in supporting customers as they grow, expand, and increase their use of technology to support their organization. However, there are certain situations where remote…

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cloud services in Boston

Workplace Transformation: Invest in Cloud Services in Boston

Feb 10, 2021

Much discussion has occurred about the increased dependency on the cloud services industry by businesses looking to support employees working remotely in the past year. However, demand continues to grow for remote workers, students, streaming content, and home businesses, boosting the use of cloud services in Boston and around the globe considerably. One report shows…

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cybercrime in 2021

Social Engineering 101: Protect Data from Cybercrime in 2021

Feb 3, 2021

The more you know about the different types of cybersecurity issues and attacks faced by today’s business owners, the easier it is to make sure that you have everything in place to recover from cybercrime in 2021. Many of the Greater Boston takeover attacks that we read about in the news or hear about from…

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unified communications solutions

Unified Communications Solutions: Custom Services in Boston

Jan 27, 2021

Business owners all across America have had to fundamentally change the way that they do business to meet government regulations and the evolving needs of customers. Regardless of the type of industry that you serve, communications is one area of business that has changed significantly and has offered the greatest reward due to advancements made…

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serverless computing in Boston

Serverless Computing in Boston: IT Operations in the Cloud

Jan 20, 2021

With more and more organizations in the Greater Boston area moving to cloud computing services, it is no surprise that many are also talking about putting IT operations in the cloud. Depending on the services that you want to include, your serverless computing in Boston could consist of a wide range of options and costs…

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malicious exploits and attacks

Malicious Exploits and Attacks: Computer and Network Security

Jan 13, 2021

Another day, another attack on popular operating systems, browsers, and devices. The latest malicious exploits and attacks to hit the business world include cyber criminals who took advantage of bugs found in Windows, Chrome, and older Android versions. The best way to defend your business from attacks like these is to stay on top of…

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optimizing analytics in Boston

Optimizing Analytics in Boston: Put Your Data to Work for You

Jan 6, 2021

Are you making the most of your company’s collected data? Are you using it to make informed decisions about the future of your business? While most companies find themselves with spreadsheets and reports full of data analytics, the truth is that many don’t really know what to do with it. A few years ago, one…

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VPN services for business

VPN Services for Business in Boston: Virtual Private Networks

Dec 30, 2020

Companies that rely on Greater Boston remote working situations to get business done should always be on the lookout for new ways to provide secure employee access and safeguard essential data. VPN services for business and options for individuals are on the rise, but all are not created equal. It is crucial to work with…

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