Employee Training and Support: Detect Deepfake Scams & Attacks

deepfake scams and attacksIt is crucial to ensure that your staff are knowledgeable of the common scams that threaten businesses so they are prepared to identify deepfake scams and attacks before they become a serious problem. Outside of having a comprehensive backup and recovery plan for attacks, disasters, and other types of data loss, employee training and support for your network security solutions is your best line of defense. In addition to teaching you and your staff on how to identify scams, whether deepfakes or simple phishing attempts, our team at Synivate can also offer 24/7 monitoring and management services, and offer a wide range of innovative technology solutions aimed at keeping your company data protected and backed up for quick recovery following nearly any type of situation.

New Reports on Deepfake Scams and Attacks

It seems as though every time you turn on the news, there’s a new type of cyberattack waiting in the shadows to threaten small and mid-sized businesses around the globe. The latest news is about deepfake scams and attacks, which can impact an organization’s brand, reputation, stock prices, and more. The difference between a deepfake scam and the more well-known phishing or spear-phishing social engineering attack is that it creates synthetic audio or video content through the technology of AI to impersonate someone, such as a company president, IT department staff member, or a department supervisor. Imagine your staff receiving a message, either via video or audio, that is used to authenticate or authorize fraudulent activity within the corporate network.

Not only do these types of scams that threaten businesses cause irreparable damage to the company brand and ability to conduct business, but they also victimize the individuals involved, ultimately leading to unwitting participation in fraudulent transactions and actions. One example of this would be a supervisor or senior staff member instructing the payables department to perform a wire transfer of funds to an unauthorized criminal outside the organization. Another would be IT staff instructing team members to click on links or perform other actions that would take advantage of or create vulnerabilities within network security solutions. This is already happening at companies across the country and around the globe. If you don’t think it can happen to you – think again.

Other Types of Scams That Threaten Businesses

Damage to a company’s brand might not sound like a typical goal of cybercriminals, but there are many situations when corporate damage of any kind is the actual goal. It might be a conflict of ideologies, something political, or even industry competition, but whatever the root of the cause, the results are still the same. It is easy for anyone to create a “fake news” social media post and, unfortunately, once people see something in writing, hear it via audio, or watch a video, it cannot be easily taken back or corrected. The use of deepfake AI video and audio to create false videos of a company CEO or staff member saying something offensive, insulting consumers, or fake whistleblowing about product quality, services, or employee situations, can be extremely damaging.

Think about how small news events can impact the stock market value of an organization. Deepfake audio and video have already been used to attack a company in this way to cause their stock values to decline. There are many ways that these deepfake scams and attacks can be used to harm an organization and its perceived value or reputation by others. Whatever the goals of the perpetrator, a company might not ever recover from this type of attack if something isn’t done about it to course-correct immediately. Employee training and support, comprehensive network security solutions, and ongoing management and monitoring services can make a huge impact on a company’s ability to thwart and recover from these scams that threaten businesses in this day and age.

Network Security Solutions and More

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