Cut Costs With Synivate: Advantages of Doing an IT Bill Audit

IT Bill Audit Advantages in Greater Boston AreaReducing overhead while ensuring that your company has all of the necessary IT services required to stay ahead of the competition and secure essential company data can be complicated. On the one hand, you want to make sure that you outsource IT services and solutions that will help you grow your business; on the other, you don’t want to be paying for services that you don’t need. At Synivate, our goal is to help our clients maximize the services we provide and ensure that they have everything they need to manage data, safeguard their system, and take their business to the next level. IT invoice auditing is a necessary and important service that can be used to ensure that billing is accurate for all equipment, consultants, services, and support.

What Does IT Cover?

The services that fall under IT or information technology include telecommunications, IT consultations, equipment used for IT department purposes, and ongoing support. It can also cover any additional services that assist with management services for commercial networking, backup solutions, system monitoring, and both hardware and software solutions to support the overall IT infrastructure. Some companies have their own IT departments in-house, which can be expensive to maintain. Smaller businesses and start-up organizations depend on outsourced IT services for everything from VoIP telephone solutions to server and network database security. Performing an IT bill audit helps companies to determine whether the services they are receiving are adequately supporting their needs and if they are getting a positive return on investment.

Some of the services available through Synivate include:

  • dependable IT services and support
  • managed services for small to large businesses
  • consultation services to help you find the right technology solution
  • unified communications solutions
  • cloud computing for enterprise-level computing and security
  • fully managed private cloud and management services
  • backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions (DRaaS)

What to Expect: IT Bill Audit

Auditing and processing information technology (IT) invoices can help to ensure accuracy and billing for all of the equipment, support staff, consultants, software, services, and related telecommunications purchases for the entire organization. When you outsource IT services, it is critical to identify any billing discrepancies early to resolve disputes and make sure that you are getting the professional services that your company requires. Monthly, quarterly, and annually performed IT invoice auditing is recommended for maximum value. Ensure that all contracted services are not just correctly invoiced and paid, but are completed according to the agreed upon timeline to best support your business needs.

Part of an information technology audit is to determine whether the current services effectively protect essential company data and assets while supporting your business goals that involve the IT system. Part of the IT bill audit can be used to evaluate the existing systems and processes used to secure company data and provide IT solutions. It can also identify any risks that need to be considered going forward to protect information and ensure that the services comply with any relevant laws, policies, and standards for your industry. Finally, an IT audit can also help to pinpoint any inefficiencies within the IT system itself that need to be addressed or improved.

How an IT Bill Audit Saves You Money

The bottom line in this type of service is more often than not the bottom line. How much money can you expect to save when performing IT invoice auditing? It depends on your situation. If you are thinking about switching from one company to another to outsource IT services, make sure that you are comparing “apples to apples” and not “apples to oranges” when you compare the services received under your contract. Some companies will stuff their management service contract with a bunch of services you will never need, making it appear as though they offer more than their competitors. When it comes to information technology, it pays to work with a company that will create a custom solution based on your unique needs rather than trying to force you into a standard service contract.

Even while you are working with Synivate for your innovative technology solutions, services, and support, an information technology audit can be beneficial to ensure that you are receiving all of the services required for the advancement and security of your business. IT invoice auditing provides many advantages to both the client and the service provider. Our goal is to deliver top quality IT services that will help you to achieve your goals. An IT bill audit is a great tool that can help us determine the course of action for future growth and support as your company expands, causing your needs to change. To learn more about information technology bill auditing services or if you would like to learn how to outsource IT services through Synivate, give us a call at 617-517-0704.