Greater Boston Cisco Meraki Auto VPN SolutionsFinding a better way to connect multiple branches, campuses, and offices is a challenge faced by many industries. Branch networking can be achieved through the use of various solutions, but it is important to connect branches securely. Cisco Meraki Auto VPN is a unique solution that provides site-to-site connectivity without manual VPN configuration. Through the power of cloud networking, the Cisco Meraki line of products can be used to build a complete network. Since it’s launch, many of our clients have used this very powerful tool to take their businesses to the next level of connectivity and security.

Granular Content Filtering

If security is an issue, this Greater Boston VPN technology opportunity is a viable solution. Traffic filtering happens through a secure cloud, which is fully maintained and monitored by highly trained and experienced technicians. Advanced security options in the Meraki firewall provides granular content filtering, which works to prevent unwanted browsing by staff. The firewall also works to block access to malicious websites and known malware sources online. Clients can take this security a step further, integrating with Microsoft Active Directory, to filter content using different levels of access within the office.

Ethernet switches, security appliances, wireless LAN, and mobile device management can all be achieved through Cisco Meraki Auto VPN. This comprehensive virtual private network was created to work with a variety of Greater Boston IT solutions. Meraki is designed to reduce the load on IT departments, helping them to be more productive and reduce time spent on management duties. The capabilities of branch networking through Meraki helps employees or managed service providers to accomplish more in less time, reducing costs for network services.

Powerful Built-In Features

Another significant benefit of choosing this popular Boston VPN technology is that Meraki provides clients with all of the options, features, and opportunities available for the product. No additional hardware is required, and no per-feature licenses are needed, to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Cisco Meraki Auto VPN continues to work diligently to ensure that all of its cloud technology features are up-to-date and on the cutting edge. The platform itself is designed to be software-centric, meaning that Meraki continues to engineer new features and include them in regular updates. In fact, the company even makes changes based on feedback that comes directly from users.

The capabilities of this intuitive and ever-expanding product were designed specifically for the cloud. Meraki hardware was built to be cloud-managed and cloud-delivered. It was always cloud-based from the very beginning, which has made it more effective than other virtual private networks that have had to change their approach to move to the cloud. Companies that are becoming more mobile or are expanding as their business grows can take advantage of branch networking. A virtual private network can be accessed from anywhere in the whole world, as long as there is an internet connection.

Core Network Hardware

Another advantage of greater Boston IT solutions that include Meraki is the suite of network services that are available with Cisco Meraki Auto VPN. This eliminates the need for multiple appliances, saving companies money right off the bat. A lifetime warranty and a very durable, resilient design help Meraki products to be one of the most reliable virtual private network options available. The core network hardware used by Meraki can be easily configurated with a redundant unit, creating a simple backup solution for businesses. Even small changes made to networking components are saved and secured in Cisco’s encrypted cloud, which makes review and restore easily accessible.

Auditing capabilities are available with this popular Greater Boston VPN technology. This can be extremely important to any corporate network across just about any industry. Analytical data is essential for marketing purposes in commercial retail and other consumer-based environments. Meraki Location Analytics helps businesses to enable multi-site analysis data collection and reporting of users through the Cisco Meraki Cloud Dashboard. This powerful control panel allows companies to view the network, perform audits, make changes, and look at historical data on the network. Monitoring services can even be used to provide employee usage data, improving time management by reducing time spent on social media and other personal activities.

Auto Configure VPN Parameters

Meraki also provides automatically configured VPN parameters through the use of MX Security Appliances. This can help businesses to establish and maintain VPN sessions more easily. Automatic interconnection of VPN peers and routes across the WAN can be achieved, keeping everything updated in dynamic IP environments. MX VPN peers automatically handle security, including authentication, key exchanges, and security policies. Actual site-to-site connectivity is established through the Cisco Meraki dashboard with a single click. Built-in tools provide a real-time view of the virtual private network site connectivity, keeping track of all VPN peers in the network.

Meraki features a mobile app, which can be used with either iOS or Android, allowing management from any location or device. The Meraki Cloud Controller is in the cloud, which is why anywhere access is available. The interface is very intuitive and easy to configure, providing enhanced feature functionality. This is a huge benefit over other types of branch networking, especially premise-based network solutions. Administrators can add wireless access to new locations through the use of the controller interface, something that would require the services of an engineer with other Greater Boston IT solutions.

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