Benefits of Working with Multiple Cloud Services for Business

multiple cloud servicesIf you have been considering multi-cloud computing services for your small-to-medium-sized business (SMB), there are many advantages associated with today’s hybrid cloud strategies. Many different types of commercial, corporate, and industrial businesses now utilize multiple cloud services to help them achieve their goals, manage costs, and ensure their ability to grow in the future. However, flexibility and cost savings are just the beginning. There are many reasons to employ the use of both private and public cloud services for your company’s data strategy. Inside experts say that using multiple cloud services can be the best way to address growing workloads and support digital transformation requirements.

Cloud Use is on the Rise

While partially due to the logistical issues created by the work-from-home requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud usage overall continues to be on the rise around the globe. Companies that may have drug their feet on exploring private and public cloud services were forced into considering and ultimately implementing them as solutions for facilitating new working requirements. However, for those who were already using cloud computing in numerous ways to support their businesses, expanded use of multi-cloud computing strategies increased as well. According to several different studies of how companies use hybrid cloud strategies, a higher-than-expected usage has continued to occur.

In one study, more than 90 percent of businesses surveyed stated that they were not just using a cloud service but had employed a multi-cloud computing strategy. A mixture of cloud types was used, including private, hybrid, and public services. More than 80 percent were currently or planning on using multiple cloud services with a hybrid approach, combining the use of both private and public cloud services to support their business needs. While many of the reasons for using cloud computing are not surprising, some may have been underestimated in their importance when this technology trend first came on the scene. The way that businesses have used and continue to use cloud services has evolved significantly since it was first introduced.

Multiple Cloud Services Benefits

Some of the most prominent advantages of working with multi-cloud computing include reduced risks by not relying on a single vendor for cloud services, cost savings, custom solutions, and improved security. Regardless of the technology, security must always be at the top of the list. Multi-cloud computing allows businesses to secure their data in a private cloud while operating other areas of their organization in either a public or hybrid cloud environment, depending on their needs. This helps to significantly reduce the probability of downtime and data loss due to DDOS attacks, power outages, and other mitigating circumstances. If one cloud service fails, the business can pick up and switch to another quickly without missing a beat.

As private and public cloud services continue to grow and expand, the cost for securing a quality service provider has become more affordable. The ability to switch between multiple cloud services allows small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to choose the type of service they require, save money with more affordable options, and still get the level of security for sensitive data that is needed for the industry that they serve. Custom service options are often available from professional providers, allowing business owners to set up their own multi-cloud computing strategy based on their unique needs and requirements. Cost savings can be achieved in multiple ways, allowing businesses to expand at affordable rates while ensuring that they stay competitive in a growing market.

Put Your Business in the Cloud

Synivate can assist you in finding the best possible multi-cloud computing solution for your business based on your individual needs and future goals. It is essential to identify the unique requirements of your organization and make intelligent decisions based on what you want to put into the cloud, the amount of security or encryption that is required, and your budget. Our team can assist you in matching your needs for software, hardware, IT operations, and security, as well as any plans you have for expansion in the future. You can trust Synivate to provide professional support, guidance, and services to implement hybrid cloud strategies that will integrate seamlessly into your existing IT environment. Contact our team today by calling 617-848-1248 to receive a free comprehensive consultation – no pressure, no obligation – just honest and friendly advice.