cloud services in BostonMuch discussion has occurred about the increased dependency on the cloud services industry by businesses looking to support employees working remotely in the past year. However, demand continues to grow for remote workers, students, streaming content, and home businesses, boosting the use of cloud services in Boston and around the globe considerably. One report shows that cloud-based services had more than $40 billion in sales during the last quarter of 2020. Industry analysts say that this is just the beginning, as they predict more need for workplace transformation as businesses continue to expand and evolve to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment. The overall increase in Greater Boston cloud computing by organizations and consumers is estimated to be approximately 33 percent compared to 2019 figures.

Innovative Technology Solutions at Synivate

If you are looking to expand your use of the cloud services industry for business in the Greater Boston area, consider the services we provide at Synivate. There are many advantages associated with cloud computing that can support many different types of goals and industry needs. Compared to other types of technology services, cloud computing is extremely cost-effective. It allows small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to quickly and affordably boost technology resources in response to increased demand. Software and data are not the only things that can be put into the cloud. With regard to workplace transformation and security, cloud services in Boston can be used to even reduce overhead costs by replacing some areas of the IT environment and reducing the need for management services.

More businesses are becoming increasingly confident in the expanded use of the cloud services industry. Instead of putting off expansion during uncertain times, project managers and company owners understand that cloud computing can help them to achieve their goals. Many industries have gone even further in their use of cloud services, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. SMBs have been increasing their use of cloud services in Boston and the surrounding area to maintain business operations and reduce costs. While some may have thought that this trend would disappear as coronavirus vaccines and restrictions eased the situation, studies show that this increased use of cloud computing is here to stay.

Security for Cloud Services in Boston

It is essential to work with a team of professionals to design, monitor, and manage your move into cloud services industry solutions. Cloud computing security is a necessary step that many companies will, unfortunately, overlook in their quest to quickly implement workplace transformation policies. Safeguarding company data and securing access to proprietary applications should be a top priority. Many industries are required by government regulations to ensure that a certain encryption level is provided to protect consumers, patients, and clients from potential fraud or theft. Increased security for company data files should also be provided based on the needs of your business and the industry that you serve. Human resources records, client contact information, and financial data are among the files that cybercriminals tend to target the most.

Whatever your needs, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians at Synivate can help you to achieve your goals. Whether that means sending report logs regarding employee access to specific files or providing support to maintain communications archives for all staff, we can create custom solutions with the power of cloud computing. Our team will work directly with you to determine which security options are best for your unique situation. We begin each project by providing the new client with a complimentary development consultation. This helps us identify the areas that require the most services and support while ensuring that the client can maximize their results and get the most out of their cloud computing experience. We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the cloud services industry, so we take the time to identify your needs and help you make the best decisions to help you achieve your goals. Software, hardware, IT operations, and security will all be designed together to help you get the best results now and in the future.

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