Why COVID-19 Has Increased Cloud-Based Security in Boston

cloud-based security in bostonMany different types of businesses are relying on cloud computing more than ever before in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, companies have increased cloud-based security in Boston and across the country, to ensure business continuity, protection of essential data, and to meet ever-changing industry requirements and government regulations. While many businesses have had to shut down or change the way they do business to maintain COVID-19 safety, cybercriminals have not taken a day off and they are looking for new ways to exploit weaknesses with malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other activities. With so many technology and computer-based employees now working from home, organizations are turning to cloud computing solutions for security deployment and are embracing Boston data protection services.

Real-Time Threat Monitoring and Management

One clear advantage of relying more on cloud computing services is the opportunity that comes from working with a company like Synivate to provide these solutions. As a result, companies are discovering that they are able to better manage common threats, lower maintenance costs, and free up essential IT staff to work on other projects. Businesses that cannot afford to have a comprehensive IT department in-house can reap the benefits of Boston data protection services, including back-up and recovery programs, business continuity solutions, and other services to help them quickly recover after an attack, data loss, or emergency situation. Surveys show an increasing jump in the movement to cloud-based security in Boston with more businesses adopting cloud-security by June 2020 compared to earlier studies conducted back in March 2020. Most cite the COVID-19 pandemic as a chief reason to move security to the cloud.

Many of the concerns surrounding cloud computing solutions and security services can be overcome with Synivate services. Data privacy, sovereignty, and unauthorized access top the list for many companies that are seeking new methods for Greater Boston data protection services. While most organizations feel that they are doing all they can to combat cybercriminals, even in remote work situations, the sad truth is that many are not prepared to effectively recover from an attack. Moving security operations to the cloud can provide an organization, regardless of its size, the opportunity to reduce overhead costs while improving monitoring, management, and other related services. Protection of customer data, email and communications, file sharing apps, video conferencing, and other services can be accomplished with effective cloud-based security solutions.

Cloud-Based Security in Boston

Prior to the pandemic situation, one of the biggest concerns regarding cloud computing solutions was security and cost. However, now that the greatest advantages of cloud computing, including boosting technology resources, reducing overhead costs, increasing operations quickly in response to business growth, and replacing some areas of the IT environment are so essential, organizations are learning how to overcome their earlier objections. Partnering with a company that can deliver safe and effective Greater Boston data protection services can help businesses to meet industry requirements and government regulations regarding data security. Cloud computing offers many advantages to growing and changing businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that would not be available otherwise.

Some of the IT operations that can be effectively put into the cloud include software applications, hardware, and crucial security operations. Some of the software used with cloud computing solutions include productivity programs, customer relationship management software, graphic design applications, and other share programs that are used by multiple employees across different locations. Common hardware that can be “put into the cloud” includes the use of storage devices, networking equipment, and servers, which allows data to be quickly, easily, and safely shared instead of having to purchase a separate in-house file server. Security IT operations can include applications to perform daily or real-time data backups, duplicate file storage, and management tools designed to safeguard essential data. The best way to maximize the abilities associated with cloud computing is to partner with Synivate and implement our custom innovative technology solutions.

Security Tools in the Cloud

While technology advances were moving toward the adoption of cloud computing solutions that included cloud-based security in Boston and the surrounding area, the pandemic really pushed many organizations at a much faster rate. As so many companies were forced into remote working situations, mobile-ordering, and delivery systems, as well as other tech-based opportunities for change, Synivate continued to work with clients to help them ensure business continuity, security, and adaptability during this unprecedented time. Where will the future of cloud computing and Boston data protection services lead? After a year like 2020, not even the most experienced industry experts can guess. If you would like to learn more about using security tools in the cloud and other cloud computing solutions, contact our team at 617-848-1248. We can answer any questions you might have and offer a FREE IT Assessment to help get you started.