Open Source Operating Systems in Greater Boston AreaWithout realizing it, many businesses and individuals are using open source software on a daily basis. The brands associated with open source software and even open source operating systems have become well-known in the business world. In fact, they are now simply seen as alternative options to commercial software and systems. If your employees use Mozilla Firefox for internet, MySQL for the company database, or Linux servers in Boston for your intranet, you are already using innovative technology solutions from open source providers. There are several solid reasons why companies are moving to open source Boston software solutions and systems. If you think you might be interested in taking advantage of some of these benefits, contact a consultant at Synivate.

Reduced Overhead

One of the biggest reasons why companies consider open source operating systems and software is the cost. Open source solutions don’t cost a thing, as they are free to obtain and use. This can be a big attraction to businesses that are struggling under the weight of fees, charges, administration fees, upgrade costs, and multi-user fees associated with commercial Boston software solutions. Whether you are just starting up a new business or are growing an existing company, the idea of eliminating all of these costs and fees can be a big plus. The money saved from purchasing and maintaining expensive commercial options can be used to focus on other innovative technology solutions. Customizing the development of open source operating systems, training your team, and offering professional support are much better investments.

More Secure Solutions

Another significant advantage associated with open source operating systems, such as Linux servers in the Boston area, is security. While open source is not necessarily more secure than commercial options, more developers are looking at the source code. This open access to the code provides more opportunity for bugs and other issues to be fixed and updated. It can take commercial software weeks or months to get sorted out with bugs and security fixes. However, there are many examples of open source software issues being resolved in mere hours or days. The contributions made by developers to open source operating systems and software can provide benefits in other ways. The addition of new features or the enhancement of existing options can improve the overall quality of the product itself.

Dependable Open Source Operating Systems

The dependability factor with regard to any type of Boston software solutions or systems is huge, especially for businesses. Making sure that your servers, operating systems, and software are able to perform all of the functions that you require without any disruptions, failures, data loss, or other issues, is essential. It is critical to understand that no innovative technology solutions exist that are 100 percent free of bugs or issues. The key is to discern the difference between the dependability of open source operating systems and software compared to the delays and issues experienced with commercial options. One clear benefit is the rapid resolution of problems with open source due to the increased number of developers looking at the code.

Increased Control

When you work with Boston software solutions and servers, you are often locked in with the options that come standard. This makes it difficult to truly customize the experience for your business. Your needs will change on a regular basis, requiring you to modify and adapt as the market evolves. Open source operating systems, software, and servers won’t lock you in and will provide you with the freedom to find the best solution. You will not be forced to use specific features or be unable to remove certain restrictions. With open source, it is possible to customize the software, server, or operating system to function according to your company’s requirements. Not only will this help you get more from the technology, but it can also provide an edge over competitors.

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