VMware New Horizon Features Support Remote Work Environments

VMware new Horizon featuresA lot of exciting buzz surrounds the VMware new Horizon features and expanded management options that were recently released. The changes are designed to make it easier for hybrid cloud computing and provide support for remote work environments. As many businesses continue to have employees work from home, realizing the inherent benefits in such an arrangement, they are seeking new ways to deliver professional IT management services that will protect essential data and increase security across the board. Outsourcing IT management services is a great way to expand the capabilities of your small or medium-sized business, allowing you to increase the options and support available to remote workers without totally blowing your budget.

So What are the VMWare New Horizon Features?

The excitement primarily focuses on the features that deal directly with IT management services for Horizon deployments, which can be served on-site or in the cloud. Learning how to “read the room” and adapt the technology for a changing room is part of the success experienced by VMware in recent years. In the first few weeks of the COVID-19 lockdowns in early 2020, VMware reported that they experienced a more than 80 percent increase in Horizon deployments. Responding to this uptick in use and continued support even after many virus-related restrictions have been rescinded, VMware new Horizon features provide increased opportunities for those who use the virtual desktop interface product as part of VMware’s Workspace ONE platform.

There are many advantages to using VMware and its series of products, including Horizon, Workspace ONE platform, and the popular Anywhere Workspace. Considered by many to be the only solution of its kind currently available on the market, the VMware Anywhere Workspace is a combination SASE with access controls and cloud-native security options designed to deliver professional IT management and monitoring opportunities to growing and expanding businesses. It is the heart of all the hybrid and cloud-native programs used by VMware, providing technology and security solutions designed to deliver unmatched IT management services, security, and support for on-site and remote work environments. Horizon is of particular interest to businesses and end-users alike, as it is the endpoint used by most employees from web-hosted desktops via secure cloud or data center locations.

What is VMware Horizon?

In a nutshell, VMware Horizon is a platform designed to make it simple to boost management, efficiency, and productivity for staff, whether they are working on-premises at the office or utilize cloud computing, hybrid cloud, and other remote work environments. The updates released in the VMware new Horizon features are designed to allow the platform to continue to adapt to demands made by more complex IT environments that didn’t even exist just a few years ago. On the back end, Horizon Control Plane is designed to allow IT departments to maximize professional IT management for system images, app controls, and monitoring and management of cloud-based Horizon virtual machines or VMs, including the popular VMware Horizon for Azure VMware Solution.

Some of the other features added in this latest update include the use of a universal broker to connect employees to VMs based on location, capacity, availability, preferences, and other settings, as well as image management services, which are supported via VMware Horizon Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Remote work environments continue to be popular with many organizations and industries, as unique benefits have been discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Increased Help Desk support and other additional VMware new Horizon features will continue to roll out throughout 2021 to provide increased support for IT management services and users around the globe. VMware solutions provide businesses with the ability to consolidate computing in high-density server clusters, ranging from small workloads of a few hosts and virtual machines to many hosts and hundreds of virtual machines.

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