Affordable WiFi in BostonCompanies that are looking for an excellent alternative to high-cost WiFi solutions should consider the UniFi® AP from Ubiquiti Networks®. Not only does it feature a very straight-forward Plug & Play installation, but it is also very intuitive, and just might be able to reduce dedicated IT personnel resources for your busy office. This innovative Access Point is available at a very affordable price point and provides users with high-performance WiFI in a surprising streamlined package.

Total Control at Your Fingertips

The innovative technology solutions from Ubiquiti Networks® allows businesses to build small and large wireless networks without professional assistance. It provides scalable enterprise WiFi management through the UniFi® Controller software, which is ideal for situations where low latency and high performance are a must. Traditional WiFi systems rely on hardware controllers, which can be limiting. The UniFi® Controller software allows for on-premise use via a PC, Mac, or Linux machine, as well as through the use of a private cloud or a public cloud service.

The network can be configured and administered without any training, providing real-time status, map loading, advanced security options, and automatic UAP device detection. The UniFi® Controller software bundle comes with your Ubiquiti WiFi solutions, so there’s no need to purchase separate software, licensing, or support fees.

The UniFi® virtual control plane allows the user to provide unlimited scalability under the management of one single centralized controller. A single UniFi® Controller can manage multiple sites while running in the cloud. The initial package comes with three UniFi® AP devices, which can be expanded to an unlimited number of additional devices which can operate under the same controller. Single or multiple large-scale deployments can be configured for WLAN groups to enable wireless connections between the AP devices to extend the coverage range further to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Seamless Coverage & Powerful Features

The UniFi® AP Indoor 802.11 Access Point from Ubiquiti Networks® is the standard unit within the larger UniFi® family. Other Ubiquiti WiFi solutions are available, which can provide increased speeds and distances, as well as indoor and outdoor specific applications. All are designed with the same consistency and compatibility, with the ability to create a customized, streamlined network. UniFi® affordable WiFi in Boston also features Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, which allows both power and data to be transferred to the device over a single Ethernet cable. Each UniFi® model comes with a PoE adapter.

Perhaps one of the most advantageous features that provide the most significant “wow” factor is that the UniFi® innovative technology solutions allow mobile users to roam anywhere and seamlessly maintain connections. Their device simply switches automatically to the nearest AP, requiring no interaction or multiple sign-ins from the user’s device. The Zero Handoff Roaming feature makes the numerous APs in the network appear to be a single AP, so only one connection needs to be made to maintain access while within the network area. Overall, the Ubiquiti WiFi solutions through the UniFi® AP provide high-quality, low-cost options to small and mid-size businesses that were previously underserved in the WiFi market.

Easy Integrated Installation

Another major benefit of the UniFi® Access Point solution is that can be easily installed in your office or place of business without being obtrusive. Mounting kits are included, allowing you to integrate the hardware into any wall or ceiling surface. Simplified configuration can be easily seen via the LED indicator light. Also included in the box is Quick Start Guide for UniFi® Controller and the AP/AP-LR/AP Pro devices, depending on the model that you choose.

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