visual hacking alert in bostonVisual Hacking Alert – A new report from reveals that approximately 80 percent of business travelers claim that visual hacking is a serious threat. What is visual hacking? It is when someone can view your business or personal data on your screen over your shoulder without you even knowing it. That guy on the subway behind you. The girl in the airport terminal standing behind the row of seats. The man in the coffee shop sneaking a peek at your screen. Studies show that this type of hacking is becoming even more prevalent, especially for business travelers.

If this sounds familiar, you need to do whatever you can to prevent data breaches of your company’s essential data through comprehensive network security in Boston and the surrounding area. Our Greater Boston security solutions at Synivate can help you to protect your business from becoming a statistic in this visual hacking alert. We will work with you to create custom solutions designed to address your specific needs and system requirements, protecting you from visual hacks as you travel or operate your business from mobile devices around town. Our solutions can even ensure that your employees do not leave themselves or your company vulnerable to “shoulder” hackers.

How to Protect Your Screens

The best way to prevent data breaches of this kind is through education and training for you and your staff. Where are you when you check your email or log-in to read essential company information on your way to work? Many employees ride buses, take trains or subways, spend time waiting for $5 coffees or hang out in airports waiting for connecting flights, all while displaying company data on their screens. Smartphones, tablets, laptops – there are so many ways to access business information, and no one seems to care. The best thing you can offer to your staff is educated on how to protect sensitive data while traveling.

Nearly one in every three data breaches occur as a result of visual hacking. Learn to be aware of the people who are sitting near you whenever you are in a public setting. Consider adding a privacy filter to your devices and think twice before opening up essential data that could be damaging to the company. While many businesses require employees or representatives to travel on a regular basis, it is crucial that managers and department heads take time to work with employees on learning how to thwart potential attacks while traveling and avoid dangerous situations, such as connecting to public Wi-Fi services, charging devices on public USB stations, or enable auto-correct on their devices.

Other Ways to Reduce Vulnerabilities

In addition to being aware of the visual hacking alert for business travelers, you can help to make it harder for criminals to attack your company’s network or IT system by addressing known vulnerabilities and applying more complex methods of access. Some of the ways that Synivate helps our clients to prevent data breaches and improve network security in Boston and the surrounding area is by reducing vulnerabilities in your information technology (IT) department. Software updates, upgrades, and firmware updates are essential to protect your company, along with strategic Boston security solutions and monitoring services.

Education and support can help to prevent many other types of attacks, including phishing and spear phishing. User error, lack of knowledge, and sophisticated email attacks are just some of the ways that hackers fool even the most experienced users into providing information that can be used against them. Learning how to look for some of the indications that an email or another type of contact might include an attack is also beneficial. If your employees can spot an attack before they click on a link, reply to an email, or download a file, half the battle is already won. Synivate can offer the training and ongoing support necessary to thwart many of these deceptive attacks.

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Protect your business from visual hacking alert and other attacks with improved training and network security in Boston. At Synivate, our Greater Boston security solutions can be used by businesses of all sizes to prevent data breaches, safeguard essential company information, and help your team to be more effective and aware while traveling for business or just going to and from the office. Give us a call at 617-517-0704 and speak with one of our highly trained and experienced technicians about your security and safety concerns.