The Importance of VMware High Availability in a 24×7 World

Cities like New York and Las Vegas were once talked about as being unique and unusual for having businesses that were open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, in today’s fast-paced, web-based world of business, it is more important than ever before for your Greater Boston company to be available to customers every single minute of the day. Innovative technology solutions have played a huge role in making this happen, in particular, high availability (HA) utilities that are being used to improve reliability, decrease downtime, and improve business continuity – even in the face of disaster recovery situations.

What is VMware High Availability?
A standout option for businesses looking into high availability (HA) utilities is VMware High Availability. This product from VMware eliminates the need for dedicated standby hardware and software in a virtualized environment. VMware has earned a solid reputation for providing solutions that work to consolidate computing in high-density server clusters that are powered by Dell or HPE server solutions. Synivate has worked extensively with VMware products and has experience deploying environments that range from small workloads consisting of just a few hosts and virtual machines to a large volume of hosts and hundreds of virtual machines.

Primarily, the innovative technology solutions that Synivate works on with VMware are designed around the concept of high availability (HA). In fact, VMware pioneered HA through its vSphere software, which revolves around multiple physical hosts that feature a shared pool of high-performance storage. VMware High Availability can keep your business running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, decreasing downtime, boosting disaster recovery and making huge strides in business continuity. The term high availability is synonymous with immediate data accessibility, as it makes everything available and accessible immediately, even in situations where there is a partial server failure.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
It is important to understand that VMware High Availability can help to improve the abilities of cloud-based disaster recovery, but it does not replace the need for disaster recovery solutions. However, VMware High Availability is an excellent choice to improve productivity in Boston, helping busy companies to provide partial failover solutions for situations where only one server within a network fails. This type of solution can help to reduce downtime associated with the failure of business critical servers, getting you and your team back to work as quickly as possible. HA solutions can also help to migrate operations to a hosted server, allowing you to continue doing business while the failure is addressed.

Other benefits associated with VMware High Availability solutions used to assist with cloud-based disaster recovery is that it helps to simplify maintenance, minimize income losses, help your company to be more flexible on a 24×7 basis, and improve overall resilience for your network to allow a seamless transition to the host server during failure. It is important to note that HA solutions are primarily for business continuity, but can serve in other ways through the use of innovative technology solutions. Not only will it help your company to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area, but it can also help to boost existing solutions to provide even greater opportunities for the advancement of your business.

Advantages of Using VMware High Availability
Synivate provides a broad range of innovative technology solutions to our clients, which are selected based on the unique needs and requirements of the industry and business that they operate. VMware High Availability helps businesses of all types to minimize downtime through the use of uniform and cost-effective failover protection. This protection can be extended to cover your business against outages with the operating system or hardware within the virtualized environment. This is extremely effective at protecting your business from work-stopping outages by automatically resetarting virtual machines on other hosts within the cluster the moment that an outage is detected.

As a result, VMware High Availability acts as a cloud-based disaster recovery program for the server that has failed. While disaster recovery solutions are required for full network outages, failover protection through HA can help to provide an automated protection system for all applications without having to make modifications to the application or to the guest operating system. This can help you to seamlessly stay “in business” in spite of a failure, providing 24×7 business continuity and working to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area, regardless of the situation. Our clients rely on these innovative technology solutions to ensure that they are able to continue doing business with customers worldwide, no matter what is going on with the weather or servers at home.

Contact Synivate to Improve Productivity in Boston
If you are looking for new innovative technology solutions that you can use to boost productivity and make improvements to cloud-based disaster recovery for your business, make sure to contact Synivate. Our extensive work with VMware High Availability (HA) makes us a very valuable service and resource to our clients, as we can offer custom solutions designed to protect them and their business regardless of the situation. Give us a call at 617-517-0704 to speak with one of our consultants. We have helped hundreds of clients with their technology needs, and we can help you to do the same!

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