Greater Boston cloud computing attacksWhen cyberattacks increase on a specific type of application or user, a bit of investigation will usually reveal the reason why the attacks increased. For example, attackers have increased interest in attacking collaboration sites in recent months. Security experts believe this is due to the rise of remote working as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As more companies rely on collaboration tools, such as Zoom, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts to work together as they would in an office setting, cybercriminals have taken notice. They are now focusing on cloud service attacks related to collaboration APPs. Anytime there is a trend or an uptick in popularity with the use of Greater Boston cloud computing or other business tools, you will also see a rise in related cyberattacks.

Why Remote Working Increased Cloud Service Attacks

With so many businesses forced into remote working in order to stay operational during the stay-at-home requirement for coronavirus, hackers began looking for new opportunities to attack companies that rely on cloud services. Popular communications and collaborations platforms, as well as other cloud-based services, have all increased in demand and, as a result, have become a big target for cybercriminals. The goal of these individuals and criminal networks is to capture and exploit the account credentials for employees to gain access to essential company data. However, there are things that your company can do to prevent cloud service attacks while still taking advantage of Greater Boston cloud computing opportunities.

There are many advantages associated with cloud computing, including reducing costs while boosting technology resources, increasing operations capabilities to help businesses expand, and the ability to even replace some areas of the traditional IT environment to lower the need for management services. Synivate works with clients throughout the Greater Boston area to help them take advantage of all the benefits associated with cloud technology. We can also implement a variety of programs designed to enhance cloud-delivered network security to create a secure web gateway designed to reduce the risk for cloud service attacks and other network security issues. Whether you and your team are working remotely or in the office, Synivate can help you to achieve your goals, boost technology savings, and enhance your ability to grow your business.

Cyberthreats Grow by Over 600 Percent in 2020

The latest statistics reveal that cyber threats against cloud services have increased by approximately 630 percent since the beginning of 2020. Currently, the greatest focus of cybercriminals is on popular collaboration and communications tools, such as Microsoft 365. The attacks are generally more opportunistic than anything else, relying on stolen account credentials to achieve their goals. According to McAfee, one of the leading providers of network security in North America and around the globe, there are two primary categories of threats currently made against businesses with these cloud service attacks.

This includes an approach that includes high volume data access attempts from “anomalous locations,” or from locations not previously detected, such as the business address or the location of remote workers. The other method being used is known in the industry as “suspicious superhuman,” which describes login attempts from multiple locations that are made within a very short period of time. The term refers to the fact that only someone who is superhuman could cover distances of that magnitude so quickly. It is common to see login attempts coming from the United States, China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, India, and Vietnam, as well as other countries around the globe. That doesn’t mean that the cybercriminals come from those regions, just that they are using them for these activities.

Greater Boston Cloud Computing Security

The best move for companies that rely on cloud computing for remote and other common working situations is to boost cloud-delivered network security and establish a secure web gateway to prevent these types of cloud service attacks. Shifting the focus to data in the cloud and certain cloud-native security service options can ensure that you can maintain control over essential data while supporting a remote workforce during this time. Implementing a cloud-based secure web gateway and working with a service like Synivate to create innovative technology solutions based on your unique needs and industry requirements will further help to safeguard essential data and communications. If you would like to learn more about Synviate and the services we provide, contact our team directly at 617-848-1248. We are here to help our clients take advantage of the latest technologies to protect and support their businesses now and in the future.