network security in BostonThe most significant security risks and threats against corporate businesses can vary, depending on the organization itself, the industry served, and individual staff members. However, for today’s Information Technology (IT) teams, one of the biggest concerns has more to do with BYOD (bring your own device) situations and social media apps. While there is currently a lot of buzz surrounding TikTok, which has been used by many businesses to reach target demographics to create brand awareness and sales, there are loads of other apps used by corporations that could also pose a potential security threat. Network security in Boston must include assessing the programs used by staff to identify risky app permissions and other concerns to ensure safe IT solutions for business. Employee education is also essential and should be included with every layer of security added to your organization for the best results.

Monitoring Popular Social Media Apps

If your business relies on popular social media apps for promotions, customer relations, branding, and other types of communications make sure the platforms being used are safe. Settings can play a big part in the overall security of the app and how your team uses it. Abandoned apps left unchecked and not removed from BYOD and company devices can become a threat, depending on the risky app permissions that may be used by the developer. One study analyzed various risk levels of popular apps and discovered that the use of embedded URLs and permissions requests for things like fine location, coarse location, install packages, and receive ADM messages were at the top of the list for security concerns for both Android and iOS users.

Why and how the developers are using these permissions, and other settings is unknown. However, it should be assumed that essential and sensitive business content is always the target and to ensure that network security in Boston focuses on this potential threat. Synivate provides a wide range of services designed to deliver comprehensive IT solutions for business based on your organization’s particular needs and requirements. Company devices and devices not provided by the employer can be a concern, especially with many employees working remotely, either due to COVID-19 restrictions or as part of the overall business structure. Malware, unapproved apps that can be launched when a protected app is launched, and other potential threats can be monitored, managed, and handled 24 hours a day, seven days a week by our team of highly trained and experienced IT specialists.

Phishing Attacks, Scams, and More

Many organizations now understand that employee education is key to thwarting most attacks from the outside. Phishing, malware, scams, social engineering attacks, and now risky app permissions are among the areas where education and ongoing support can help the most. Network security in Boston must include a multi-pronged approach that features preventive, proactive, and supportive measures that will protect the business as a whole and ensure continuity in the future. The use of employee-owned devices can be a concern, especially if steps are not taken to protect essential company data from being accessed by nefarious social media apps and other downloads. Businesses of all types and sizes are being threatened and attacked by cybercriminals over the internet more than ever before, making it critical to implement strategic IT solutions for business.

Anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security software solutions are not enough. Our team will work with you to provide various options designed to detect and block viruses, malware, ransomware, and other types of dangerous cyberattacks. Employee education, monitoring, and ongoing support can also be used to reduce vulnerabilities. Comprehensive data back-up and recovery can also help ensure that your business is ready to get back on track immediately following a severe attack or incident. We work with each client to address known issues, including outdated operating systems and social media apps, which can pose a risk to organizations. We close even the tiniest windows that cybercriminals use to gain access to your computer network or critical company data. Regular updates, risk assessments, and professional monitoring and management services can all be used to safeguard your system through a custom approach to IT solutions for business in the Greater Boston area.

Network Security in Boston

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