Small Business Security Services: Affordable Network Security

small business security servicesWhile it might be said that no price is too high when it comes to finding ways to protect your small business. However, the reality is that many new business owners and small family-run organizations just don’t have the finances in their budget to afford a high-powered computer network security system or hire an in-house IT department. Network security in Boston and across the country is critical, as more and more small and mid-sized companies are being targeted by hackers and cyber criminals each day. It is essential to work with a provider who can offer the small business security services and support you need to safeguard essential data and help keep operations running. Just one tiny attack, natural disaster or human error is all it can take to erase your structural, financial, and client list information and leave your business vulnerable.

What is Network Security?

Every small business needs some level of protection against hackers and cyberattacks. From phishing to social engineering, viruses and ransomware, it seems as though there is something dangerous lurking around every corner. To be in business today means to be online or at least use computers to some degree at your office, shop, or store. Regardless of the industry that you serve, it is crucial to protect your small business from potential disaster through the use of a well-planned and strategic network security program. Network security involves a variety of services and solutions, including anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security software programs, monitoring and management services, employee education, and the elimination of vulnerabilities in the workplace.

Believe it or not, simple software updates and upgrades, hardware updates and upgrades, and firmware updates are some of the most essential tasks that you can perform to protect and safeguard your business. Unfortunately, many small business owners are simply too busy and are already wearing too many hats to have time to backup their systems, let alone focus on network security programs. At Synivate, our small business security services are designed to assist small to mid-sized organizations, finding custom solutions that are affordable and powerful to protect their essential data. We work with each client as an individual to help them find ways to avoid and reduce potential security risks and provide them with the tools they need to grow and continue moving forward.

Small Business Security Services

You might not think it is essential, but the more you and your team know about how to avoid certain types of cyberattacks, the better off your company will be now and in the future. Phishing emails used to be fairly easy to identify, making it simple to spot out a hacker right away and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. However, today’s cyber criminals are a bit savvier and, while they still rely on human error to access important data, they have a few more tricks up their collective sleeves, as well. Many of the emails used to contact employees today utilize phishing and the more targeted spear phishing methods that enable them to fool some of the most educated and experienced users.

Synivate can provide you and your staff with comprehensive education, training, and support to help you not only spot a phishing or cyberattack attempt, but also to know what to do about it. Regular training and ongoing live support can help you win the battle against cyber criminals and protect your company’s essential data. While you will not be able to prevent every single attack, we have methods that we use to help our clients prepare for cyber attacks so they can protect what matters and get back in business as quickly as possible. A strategic data backup strategy and disaster recovery plan is an excellent first step that will help you to get your system back online right away. Our technicians will assist you in putting up further barriers and protections to prevent further access by the attacker. To learn more about how a computer network security system can protect your small business, give us a call at 617-848-1248. We can answer any questions you might have about network security in Boston and provide you with a free consultation to help you identify the areas that require the most support.

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