serverless computing in BostonWith more and more organizations in the Greater Boston area moving to cloud computing services, it is no surprise that many are also talking about putting IT operations in the cloud. Depending on the services that you want to include, your serverless computing in Boston could consist of a wide range of options and costs for your cloud infrastructure. While many different providers offer serverless computing services, it is essential to know what your business needs and how different types of cloud services could benefit or impact your organization. The more you can learn about the various opportunities for cloud computing, the easier it will be to make informed decisions that will provide the best results. In addition, working with a consulting technology service like Synivate can help you to create custom solutions explicitly based on your unique needs and requirements.

What is Serverless Computing?

Cloud computing services are very trendy right now for businesses across the country and around the world because they offer many distinct advantages. While many technology trends come and go, cloud computing has proven its value to many different industries and can benefit organizations in many specific ways. Some of the most common ways to put IT operations in the cloud include cloud-based software applications, hardware, and business continuity. However, it is also possible to take advantage of serverless computing in Boston to reduce costs, boost technology resources, increase operations capabilities, expand business potential, offer quick and easy access to data and essential applications, and even replace some areas of the IT environment and certain management services.

In the simplest of terms, serverless computing in Boston involves the use of pay-per-use services that run back-end code for applications and websites without incurring the cost and responsibilities of purchasing and managing in-house servers. This type of service can take all of the benefits of more well-known cloud computing services and take them to the next level for your organization’s physical and virtual infrastructure. This situation can be ideal for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and larger companies experiencing fast-paced growth. Most of the larger cloud computing platform providers offer some degree of serverless computing services. Synivate can help you take advantage of the opportunities presented by putting these vital IT operations in the cloud through our custom services.

Advantages of Serverless Computing in Boston

Depending on the nature of your business, such as the industry that you serve and the target audience that you seek, serverless computing in Boston can be a strategic advantage for growth. Because there is no virtual infrastructure for the user to manage, there is less hands-on work required and a significant reduction of costs for the daily management of the system. Our team can help you identify your needs and understand what type of services will help you to achieve your goals. Having the ability to increase space and services based on the ever-changing needs of your organization can ensure that you are ready to evolve to best meet the needs of your customer base while ensuring positive and steady growth. However, before you take the plunge into cloud computing services, it pays to work with a professional consultant to ensure that you get all of the options that you need.

Cloud computing security is a necessary step that all businesses should address. Safeguarding company data, access to proprietary applications, and other security concerns needs to be a priority. Understanding the unique requirements and any government regulations that pertain to your industry can help to establish any increased levels of encryption that may be necessary to protect your organization from liabilities and vulnerabilities. At Synivate, our team will work with you directly to determine which security options can be designed to specifically address your unique situation while helping you to achieve your goals for putting IT operations in the cloud, including serverless computing in Boston and the surrounding area. Our team will match your needs for software, hardware, IT operations, and security while making accommodations for any future growth plans that can be integrated into your existing IT environment.

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