serverless computing in boston areaCloud computing services and cloud managed networks have become much more widespread and available to businesses in the Greater Boston area in recent years. One of the biggest things to hit cloud computing is the concept of serverless computing services. Said to help improve productivity in Boston for just about any type of business, it pays to do your due diligence and do some investigating before jumping on the next big bandwagon. You would do well to discuss your needs and requirements with one of our highly trained and experienced technicians before investing in any type of virtual server in Sharon, Boston or the surrounding area.

Why Be Cautious?

If cloud managed networks and other types of cloud-based services are so beneficial, why should you use caution before jumping into serverless computing? The first reason is that this is not a solution for every type of business. While some companies may be able to streamline their work to improve productivity in Boston, others may deem it too much of a risk to put so much of their business in the cloud. Serverless computing offers pay-per-use services that allow you to run bits of back-end code for your apps and websites without the traditional overhead cost and investment of managing servers. If this doesn’t sound like something that would benefit your business, you might want to look at other types of cloud computing services instead.

Our team can answer any questions that you might have about using a virtual server in Sharon, Boston, Foxboro, Canton, Needham, Norwood, or any of the cities that we serve. We can provide you with a complimentary development consultation designed to help you get the most out of your cloud computing experience to maximize your results. Our goal is to help you get the most significant return on your investment, improving productivity, lowering your overhead costs, and ensuring the safety and security of your network. You can trust Synivate to help you navigate all of your options to find the best solution designed for your business and integrate it seamlessly into your existing IT environment.

Does Serverless Computing Sound Good to You?

If the description of serverless computing sounds like something that would be helpful to your current business model or assist you with plans for the future, Synivate can help. Serverless computing services can help to reduce the overhead and cost of managing physical or virtual infrastructure for businesses that need back-end services or analytics. All of the major cloud computing platforms available today offer the option for serverless computing service, so there’s no waiting period – it’s ready to implement right away. We can work with you and your existing cloud platform of choice to help you take advantage of this cloud-based opportunity.

Even if serverless computing does not work with your business plan, there are other ways to use cloud computing services. Most are also very cost-effective and can help to boost your existing technology resources, catapulting your business to the next level. Cloud managed networks and solutions are a great way to increase your operations capabilities and expand your business. A well-planned virtual server in Sharon or the Greater Boston area can replace some areas of your existing IT environment, reducing the need for management services and cutting your overhead costs considerably. Cloud computing provides quick and easy access to all of your data and essential applications no matter where in the world you are located.

Only Pay for What You Use

One of the big reasons why serverless computing is taking off is because it allows businesses to only pay for what they use. Another reason is that the service is almost completely hands-off because it is managed by a professional team. Serverless computing is considered to be a category of cloud computing services, which combines the main selling points of the as-a-service (aaS) model. When you decide to use this type of service, there is no virtual infrastructure for you to have to manage. You are only billed when your code is running, and with today’s technology, that is counted down to the nearest 100 milliseconds. The beauty is that the user does not have to worry about anything because everything is handled by the cloud service provider.

While it might seem that serverless computing is a new idea, the truth is that the technology used to make it happen has been around for decades. If you have the right type of workload that could benefit from this type of service, it could really be a game changer for your business. However, the best way to know if this solution is right for you is to consult with our team at Synivate. We can discuss options for cloud computing services, including cloud managed networks and the possibility of using a virtual server in Sharon or other local Massachusetts cities. To find out if you can improve productivity in Boston with serverless computing, give us a call at 617-517-0704.