Security Software Solutions: Beep Malware Alert and Top Concerns

security software solutionsA brand new type of malware has surfaced, drawing concerns by cybersecurity experts around the globe. While it is not unusual compared to other malware attacks and capabilities, there are some unique qualities. Whether your business is under threat of cyber criminals due to the type of industry that you serve or if you have concerns that simple human error might put your essential data at risk, Synivate can help. Our innovative technology solutions can be used to offer a wide range of monitoring and management services, as well as security software solutions, designed to help you protect your organization. We work with each client as an individual, tailoring a comprehensive network security system and program based on their unique needs and requirements.

What is Beep?

The good news is that this new malware has been identified early on in its development, giving industry experts a chance to analyze and figure it out before it grows in strength. Currently, Beep has the ability to allow cyber criminals to download and inject payloads onto the infected systems using a combination of dropper, injector, and payload. What is different about Beep compared to other types of malware currently in the wild? It has the unique ability to remain undetected within a system using some previously before unseen evasion techniques.

Encryption techniques are used to disguise Beep’s activity within the infected computers or network, as well as other evasive actions that allow it to bypass sandbox security systems that are frequently used to test suspicious programs for malware. Dynamic string obfuscation, system language check, assembly implementation, anti-debugging, API function anti-sandbox, and RDTSC instruction are just some of the other methods that are associated with Beep. By remaining undetected after infecting hardware or an entire network, this malware could have increased impact potential on the businesses, organizations, and individuals that it is being used to target. Theft of sensitive and essential data, including login credentials and financial information, is just one example of how it might do damage.

What Can You Do?

The best way to prevent attacks and damage caused by malware and other disastrous incidents is to be prepared and take advantage of security software solutions and real-time professional options, such as 24/7 monitoring and management services. Working with a reputable, experienced, and innovative team like Synivate can give you the ability to protect your essential data, prepare for attacks and common data disasters, and ensure that your business is able to recover quickly after an event. Weather issues, fires, human error, and of course cyber attacks, are just some of the issues that today’s companies must be prepared for to ensure ongoing business continuity. Our team can give you the tools, services, and training necessary to be ready for any type of malware or incident you might face in the future.

We work with each client as an individual to identify their unique needs and requirements for a comprehensive network security system. Employee training can be extremely beneficial, helping you and your team to learn what to watch for and avoid when it comes to common phishing and social engineering ploys designed to gain access to your network. Ongoing support, as well as professional monitoring and management services, can extend the abilities of your in-house IT department or provide all of the services you could ever need to expand your IT abilities without having to invest in talent, hardware, software, and systems to take your business to the next level.

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