Retail Analytics: Monitor & Record Patterns in Boston WiFi Traffic

One of the biggest challenges for retail businesses is to stay on top of technology. This is especially true for small to mid-sized retailers who may not have the ability to have a fully staffed IT department. Monitoring management services can be a big help, especially when they are connected with Greater Boston software solutions through a trusted provider, such as Synivate. However, when detailed data and stats are required, such as the need to monitor and record patterns of the WiFi traffic visited in the retail locations, other solutions may be required. WiFi retail analytics can be provided to Synivate clients through the use of Cisco Meraki’s powerful location analytics solution.

What is Meraki?
Cisco Meraki is a location analytics and engagement solution that helps businesses get the data they need to make valuable improvements to the way that they communicate and engage with customers. Meraki displays real-time location statistics that can be used to enhance customer engagement and build loyalty for their brand. The data that gets collected through the Meraki APs is synced with cloud computing services that are then reported automatically in the dashboard. From there, the data is then exported to the third-party applications that are used by the client through the overall Cisco Meraki API.

Businesses can collect data from any nearby devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other handheld WiFi connected devices. This provides the client with true location-based analytics that includes information like time stamps, RSSI information, and MAC addresses via access point MAC and probing client MAC details. This data is gathered in real time and is then processed through the cloud to produce WiFi retail analytics that can be used to identify returning visitors, separate passers-by from actual visitors, and even determine how long visitors remained in the retail store.

Why Location-Based Statistics Matter
When it comes to growing retail businesses, the more information that you can learn about your target demographic, the better. While you might think that you are marketing to a certain type of shopper, you may discover through WiFi retail analytics and other monitoring management services, that you are actually selling to another. Location-based data provides insight into real-time performance that can help to boost revenue. Through the dashboard, Meraki helps business owners to see data that represents the total number of visitors in a day, week, month or another specific period of time. In addition to total visitors, business owners can also view the repeat visit rate, average visit length, and total visits overall.

Retailers have the unique ability to drive in-store customer engagement to better target customer offers using Meraki’s location API and integrating with third-party apps, CRM, custom-built applications, and other Boston software solutions.

All of the data that is collected through these Boston software solutions can help business owners to learn how to improve their approach to engaging customers and find new ways to increase traffic to their retail stores. Ultimately, these benefits can help to increase revenue by boosting interest, sales, and repeat business. Raw data is delivered to the analytics application selected by the client using real-time HTTPS, POSTs or JSON objects. The ability to use a variety of different analytics applications based on the client’s needs helps to make the collection of data and the methods for using it easier to customize.

Simple Setup and Use
Another benefit to choosing the WiFi retail analytics solution from Cisco Meraki is that it is very easy to setup and extremely simple to use. Everything from the basic configuration of the API to the validation that allows location events to be posted to the system is as easy as connecting to and setting up an office printer. The flexibility offered by this tool makes it easily adaptable to many different uses for retailers. One example would be providing business owners with the ability to identify their top customers and then determine how often they return to a specific location. The tools provided by the integration of the API with back-end CRM helps retailers to notify staff or deliver customer offers that are targeted based upon customer interests and performance.

Synivate, Inc. Boston Software Solutions
Whatever your goals for WiFi retail analytics or your needs for monitoring management services, the team at Synivate, Inc. can help them to become a reality. In addition to cloud computing services, we can provide you with custom Boston software solutions that will deliver the data, statistics, and information required to advance and grow your business. We integrate and support various IT solutions in the Greater Boston area that are designed to address your needs in an all-in-one service. We can help you to evaluate and resolve all of your technology needs. Give us a call at 617-517-0704 or use our online contact form to get more information about all of the innovative technology solutions available at Synivate.

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