Boston data back-up and recoveryAs work restrictions and concerns about COVID-19 continue to prevail here in Boston and across the country, more people continue to work from home. Many businesses are discovering that remote working scenarios can be beneficial, providing them with certain advantages that traditional office-based strategies never could. As a result, it has become more essential for businesses to find new ways to secure their important data. A comprehensive data back-up and recovery plan is paramount for business continuity in the current pandemic situation and beyond. In fact, disaster recovery in Boston should be a top priority for any business that relies on computers and technology to provide sales, service, support, and other programs to their customers. Essential data back-up of customer information, sales receipts, business expenses, clients, vendor accounts, and other elements of modern business must be done daily to protect your organization from potential disaster. Remote management and monitoring services can help by implementing automatic back-up services and by keeping an eye on your network 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Data Back-Up and Recovery

Many businesses overlook the importance of backing up all of the data that is getting created, processed, edited, and revised by their staff as they work remotely from home. Some depend on email clients to store communications, files, and information, while others simply assume that their employees are keeping copies in the cloud or on their computers. All it takes is just one incident to completely change your point of view regarding data back-up and recovery. Maybe it comes in the form of a single phishing email, a ransomware attack, or a lost company laptop. Or perhaps it’s an employee who logs into an unsecured network, uses overly simplistic passwords, or is a victim of social engineering attacks. Power outages, fires, floods, storms, broken devices – if you can imagine it, the chances are good that it has already happened to some business somewhere. The best you can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

When you stop and think about all of the work that is being done right now remotely from home, you become acutely aware of how essential disaster recovery in Boston can be. Companies are now processing employee payrolls, accounts payable and receivable, creating marketing campaigns for new products, creating vital press releases for new developments, and it could all be lost in the blink of an eye. Synivate offers a wide range of services to business owners in the Greater Boston area. Remote management and monitoring, along with employee education and support, can help to stop many attacks before they cause damage. We also advocate a consistent data back-up and recovery plan to help assure business continuity in the face of a disaster. Accidents happen, but so does human error, unexpected storms, and cases of cyber attacks are on the rise.

Identify Your Company’s Needs

The first place to start is by assessing your needs to develop a plan that will help you to safeguard and protect essential data. Our team will work with you and your employees, your in-house IT department, and any other essential departments or services to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. We can discuss your requirements, any industry regulations, and create a custom solution designed to provide you with the protection you need to keep your business safe, no matter what happens next. The year 2020 has been unpredictable, to say the least, so it is in your best interest to prepare for any type of situation that could occur to prevent a business-ending disaster. Studies show that a majority of companies that lose their essential data in a cyber-attack or another disaster scenario will shut down entirely within six months. They simply never recover. Make sure that you have a plan for disaster recovery in Boston so that you won’t become another statistic.

No two businesses are alike, which is why our team at Synivate works to create a custom solution for each client that we serve. Our custom strategies for data back-up and recovery can help to protect the type of data that you need to store, the security requirements that are necessary for your industry, and services that will help you to achieve your goals. Our 24/7 remote management and monitoring services can help small to medium businesses (SMBs) to gain all of the benefits of a comprehensive IT department without the overhead costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and maintaining qualified and experienced staff. Our team will identify your most essential data, choose a backup technique that works for you and your business model, determine the best type of secure storage for your essential data back-up, and provide backup file testing to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Disaster Recovery in Boston

Making plans for what to do in case of an emergency will help your business to survive any tech-based disaster. It is just as important as creating a fire escape route for your employees and keeping up with your insurance premiums. If you are interested in learning more about remote management and monitoring services for data back-up and recovery in the Greater Boston area, contact Synivate by calling 617-848-1248. We can answer any questions you might have about disaster recovery in Boston or schedule an appointment for a complete assessment and consultation for our services.