Professional Backup Services: Comprehensive Backup & Recovery

professional backup servicesAnyone who has ever been a victim of cybercrime or has lost essential data due to human error, understands the value of a comprehensive data backup and recovery program. Sometimes even the smallest hiccup can have a much greater impact, resulting in major setbacks and loss of business for an organization. It is critical to have a custom IT disaster recovery plan that will help your company to get back to work following any type of incident. A power failure, a major winter storm, a lightning strike, a fire in the building, or a ransomware attack could lead to significant data loss that might end your business once and for all. Studies reveal that more than half of all businesses that lose their data will go out of business within six months or less. It is more important than ever to secure business continuity in Boston and the surrounding area through professional backup services to ensure that this does not happen to you.

What to Expect: Custom Recovery Planning

Because each client we serve is unique, the custom IT disaster recovery plan that we create for them must be unique, as well. The size and type of business that you operate, the industry that you serve, the type of data that you need can all require professional backup services that are tailored specifically to those demands. Industry guidelines, government regulations – depending on the work that you do, there might be even more to consider when planning for comprehensive data backup and recovery. Our experienced consultants will work with you each step of the way to develop a strategy designed to address all of your unique requirements for business continuity in Boston.

The first thing that we will do is to work with you and your team to identify the data that is most essential. This data will likely need to have a backup program in place that runs in real time or at least on a daily basis. Other non-essential data might only need to be backed up weekly or monthly, depending on how you use it and what it contains. While it would be ideal to be able to backup all of your corporate data on a daily basis, it is not always possible to do it in that manner. Our team will also help you to select the best backup techniques according to your financial and data requirements. There are several different methods available, including incremental, differential, continuous, and system image backups. We recommend choosing a multi-faceted approach with at least two or more options to provide more comprehensive results.

Professional Backup Services

The next thing that you need to determine is how and where you will store the data for business continuity in Boston and the surrounding area. Most industry experts suggest that one copy be kept on-site in case immediate recovery is required and another copy kept off-site in a cloud environment in the event that a disaster destroys the on-site copy. We will work with you to ensure that the approach you select also matches the requirements of any government entities or industry regulations with regard to the storage of your data. We will work with you and your staff to resolve any specific demands associated with your business and the type of information that you store within your network when creating your unique data backup solution.

In addition to security, methods, and storage, you must also make sure to include backup file testing for your files on a regular basis to determine the value and validity of your efforts. There is no point in blindly continuing on with a comprehensive data backup plan if you are not sure whether it works or not. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a disaster recovery only to find out that the data was not saving successfully or that it does not provide a full restoration of data. Synivate can assist you with regular testing as part of our professional backup services. Contact our team by calling 617-848-1248 to speak with one of our technicians about your needs and questions concerning a custom IT disaster recovery plan in the Greater Boston area.