Predicted Growth in the Public Cloud Market in the Near Future

public cloud marketCloud computing has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years but is set to see significant expansion in the very near future. In fact, one industry analytics firm predicts that the public cloud market will grow to more than $1 trillion on a global scale by 2026. In addition, they also predict that cloud service companies infrastructure services will account for nearly $500 billion in revenue by 2026 due to an increase in usage by the public cloud market and multicloud computing services, particularly those with a global reach. As more businesses and consumers utilize cloud services for everything from day-to-day data storage on up to advanced IT operations, it is essential for companies to stay on top of the latest technology and security services to keep it all secure.

The Public Cloud Market

Cloud service companies offer a variety of unique cloud services, including public, private, and hybrid computing support for small, mid-size, and large-scale businesses. However, it is public cloud services that has seen the most significant growth – even in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic. In fact, many work from home aspects and changing situations actually helped the public cloud market to grow in ways that were not previously imagined. Industry experts agree that this growth will continue into 2026 in spite of increased interest in other types of cloud computing, including edge computing growth and development services for commercial cloud service companies.

Corporate and consumer demand in the area of public cloud computing is very similar, as more people want to expand growth in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. As a result, database and analytics services, in addition to cloud computing services, will also see a spike in interest and spending. It is almost impossible to predict how cloud services will expand in the coming years, as they have been anything but predictable since their inception. Cloud applications for commercial and personal use steadily drive the market, but other opportunities may quickly eclipse these users and increase demands in other sectors.

Competitive Cloud Service Companies

As all of these changes and growth patterns happen to the public cloud market, it is important to understand that other challenges will impact the trajectory of the industry, as well. One example is competition within the market itself, as companies leap ahead quickly to stay ahead of their competitors. While many might think that this simply means more data in the cloud, the expansion and growth of physical data centers will continue to increase in order to meet the demand. Small companies many join together in order to compete with larger organizations, while many industry leaders, such as AWS and Google Cloud, may experience operating losses as they strive to remain competitive.

Other unforeseen challenges, setbacks, and global events may also further impact the growth of cloud service companies. Geopolitical tensions between Russia, Ukraine, China, and other countries may affect the public cloud market. The best thing for any organization to do is to stay ahead of the curve with regard to multicloud computing, cloud security, and edge computing growth. This will prepare your company to make information-based decisions about how to evolve and change in the coming years to ensure success. Synivate specializes in the design and support of innovative technology solutions for businesses in the Greater Boston area. We can assist you in achieving your cloud computing and network security goals, creating solutions designed to meet or exceed expectations.

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