Powerful On-Premise Phone Solution for Boston Area Businesses

Looking for a way to simplify communications through the use of a unified communications solution? Synivate is proud to announce that we are now a Digium Partner and can provide our clients with the Switchvox On-Premise business phone system in Boston and the surrounding area. Switchvox is an on-premise phone solution that has more bells and whistles than you might expect. Our team will work with you to establish a custom solution that can help you and your staff to increase productivity and improve communications with co-workers, vendors, and customers.

Our team has worked to build a solid reputation for only working the best hardware, software, and tools. It is our mission to provide our clients with the information they require to choose the best solution according to their needs and budget. This intuitive and powerful Boston hosted phone system does all of this and more. If your business needs more control, scalability, and custom options, look no further than the Switchvox On-Premise solution from Digium, available through Synivate.

Advanced Features
One of the most attractive benefits of choosing the Switchvox On- Premise business phone system in Boston, is that it is fully loaded with a wide array of advanced unified communications solution features. With other on-premise phone solutions, all of these features would be considered extras, requiring additional licensing and fees. But the Digium product does away with all of that, making it more affordable to get all of the features you want in one single Boston hosted phone system.

Some of the features available with this on-premise phone solution include:

  • Call Control – hold, transfer, conference, switchboard, device switch, and more
  • Collaboration – video chat, conference rooms, screen sharing, and multimedia chat
  • Call Management – acknowledge, call forward, cascade, notifications, IVR, and more
  • Mobility – Switchvox Softphone allows users to have complete call control from iPhone or Android smartphone over WiFi, LTE, 4G, and 3G
  • Contacts – directory, favorites, contacts and tags widget, contact cards, and status
  • Call Training – monitor, whisper, barge, call recording and scheduled call recording
  • Contact Center – real-time reporting, wallboard, call queues, routing, music, and more
  • Voicemail/Messaging – custom greetings, unified mailboxes, visual voicemail, and more
  • Web-Based Management – automated back-ups, custom time frames, virtualization support with VMware, extension management, multi-language support, and more
  • Apps & Integrations – Salesforce, Extend API, Firefox, Google Maps, Chrome Dialer
  • Reporting – call logs, call reporting, mobile worker reporting, and schedule reports

Unified Communications Your Way
Another advantage is that you can use this unified communications solution any way you like – either with the Switchvox On-Premise hardware appliance, the VMware virtual appliance or as a hosted/cloud solution. The easiest option is the all-in-one hardware appliance. However, the virtualized options are very popular as well, as it provides all of the options, flexibility, and scalability available through VMware. The Switchvox Cloud provides users with all of the same features os the Switchvox On-Premise, but at an even more affordable rate.

  • On-Premise – Take complete control over your business phone system in Boston with the Switchvox On-Premise appliance installed at your location. Great for businesses of all sizes and types, loaded with amazingly powerful features, and incredibly simple to use. Also, there are no expensive license fees, module fees, or other associated costs, providing clients with the best value unified communications solution available.
  • Virtualized – Clients who are already using VMware or that wish to use their own hardware can take advantage of the Switchvox Virtual appliance solution. It is the best of both worlds, bringing all of the features from Switchvox together with the availability and flexibility that VMware is known for providing. Ask about the virtualized appliance option for this powerful Boston hosted phone system.
  • Hosted PBX – If you are looking for an appliance-free and hassle-free solution for your business phone system in Boston and the surrounding area, consider the Switchvox Cloud unified communications solution. No upfront investment, all the features of the On-Premise phone solution, and the ease of working via the cloud. Monthly plans are available, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes and easy set-up is also offered with dedicated Digium support.

Contact Synivate for the Switchvox On-Premise Solution
If you are in the Greater Boston area and are interested in learning more about how a unified communications solution can work for you, give us a call at 617-517-0704 and speak with one of our friendly customer service agents. Synivate has a vast array of solutions and services available that can be customized to help you achieve your goals. Call today for a FREE quote on any of our services or to learn more about implementing this fantastic business phone system in Boston and the surrounding area.