Boston network security challengesOne of the most essential goals that any business should have, regardless of the industry that it serves, is to work more effectively and efficiently on a day-to-day basis. However, studies show that information technology services – your IT department – may be hindered due to bad security practices and behaviors of other employees. Time-wasting practices should be addressed as soon as they are identified to help streamline the work that needs to be done for the overall success of the company. Professional monitoring services can help to identify these areas of concern and help businesses overcome Greater Boston network security challenges in the process. With more companies having staff work from home remotely, either due to COVID-19 concerns or to reduce overhead, the more you can do to stay on top of monitoring and management through a 24/7 solution, the easier it will be to protect essential data for the future of your business.

How Much Time is Lost?

One study revealed that the average IT department could lose as much as a month of days each year due to repetitive security issues and poor management behaviors with other employees. Some of the tasks that result in the most time wasted for information technology services include resetting passwords and updating security on mobile devices. The new work-from-home atmosphere that many offices were forced to embrace following the country’s pandemic response increased concerns about Boston network security challenges for many businesses. IT department staff quickly became overwhelmed at having to manage employee devices or company devices being used remotely to ensure safety, security, and protection of essential company data. Other challenges, such as making sure that communications and collaboration tools and applications were installed properly and accessible for all staff, added to the frustration.

Professional monitoring services like Synivate provide overwhelmed IT departments and business owners with the tools and solutions they need to stay on top of identity and access management (IAM) issues and other employee security concerns. Whether you have your own in-house information technology services department or if you never realized that you needed help until now, our team can provide the custom services and systems you need to achieve your goals. We provide each new client with a comprehensive assessment of their existing IT department to determine what needs to be done and observe any areas that might need extra support. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers, technicians, and technology specialists can offer a wide range of monitoring and management services, network security system support, business continuity programs, and professional consultation services.

What is Identity and Access Management?

When it comes to information technology services used by offices across the nation, one area receives the most consistent work for IT specialists. Identity and access management is the term used to describe the work that is required to ensure that employees have access to devices, networks, applications, and files so they can perform the tasks that are assigned to them. Unfortunately, many IT departments are overwhelmed at having to reset passwords and provide support for employees who need help logging into programs or downloading essential applications. One study revealed that the average IT employee is charged with resetting employee passwords up to five times a week, with some having to do it more than 20 times a week. The numbers have risen sharply with more staff working from home where there are day-to-day distractions and errors occurring outside the office workspace.

However, passwords and logins are not the only concerns for beleaguered IT professionals. One-third of those surveyed stated that because they are so overwhelmed with repetitive identity and access management tasks, they are unable to fully enforce the company’s security policies. Others stated that they have problems with employees who regularly disregard company security policies and refuse to change their ways. When asked what could be done to alleviate some of these problems, most stated that increased technology resources and employee education would make a significant difference to improve effectiveness and productivity for everyone involved. Professional monitoring services and technology solutions can help to provide IT workers with the time, tools, and support they need to provide more consistent and reliable services. Synivate can work with you and your information technology services team to create custom solutions designed to address your unique concerns and provide your IT team with the tools they need to succeed.

Boston Network Security Challenges

If your business needs assistance with overcoming Greater Boston network security challenges or requires support for overwhelmed information technology services employees, Synivate can help. We can provide professional monitoring services and management solutions that will help to ensure consistent operations for computer networks or work to replace part of your daily operations. Identity and access management, network security, help desk services, and more can all be provided based on your individual needs. To learn more about our services or to speak with a customer service representative, contact our team at 617-848-1248. We can answer any questions you might have about our innovative technology solutions, offer examples of the work that we have done, and provide a wide range of services to help you take your company to the next level.