New Vulnerabilities: 5G Security Issues, Growing IoT Concerns

5G security issuesJust as soon as a new technology begins to take root, cyber criminals look for ways to take advantage of vulnerabilities to help them achieve their goals. While 5G and IoT attacks are nothing new, the growth of Internet of Things technology and expansion of 5G connectivity create attractive targets that most nefarious users cannot ignore. Used for both consumer and business industries, it is essential to stay on top of the latest security reports and recommendations to prevent attacks through 5G security issues and IoT vulnerabilities. Partnering with a professional information technology service, such as Synivate, can help you to protect your organization and essential data from would-be attackers and prevent many types of attacks through innovative strategies and support services.

Why 5G and IoT Attacks are Growing

One of the most crucial demands of modern business is speed. Being able to keep up with the competition and stay ahead of technology is vital to any organization’s success. Unfortunately, while many maintain focus on their goals of faster speeds and increased IoT opportunities, they neglect to consider or at least underestimate the importance of security. Many of the new technologies being released and used in the business market today have not been fully analyzed before they are rolled out to consumers, resulting in some fairly significant security issues.

A study conducted by Trend Micro revealed many of the concerns faced by business owners moving into 5G technologies, including not having the IT infrastructure and team necessary to deal with vulnerabilities. In fact, nearly half of all operators admitted that they were unequipped to handle all of the security requirements necessary to protect their companies from issues related to 5G and Internet of Things technology. Lack of knowledge, training, and experience with advanced technologies can lead to disastrous results, including data security issues, data loss, and vulnerability to cyber attacks.

5G Security Issues: What You Can Do

Companies that want to protect essential data and ensure network security for their organization should be proactive when it comes to 5G and IoT attacks, as well as other technology-related vulnerabilities. Small and mid-sized businesses are often ill-equipped when it comes to IT department funding and support. Large corporations can suffer due to staff that is not up to date on the latest technologies, trends, and methods for protecting sensitive data from IoT vulnerabilities and 5G security issues. In all of these situations, the best approach is to work with a third-party provider of innovative technology solutions, such as Synivate.

Our team of highly trained, experienced, and skilled technicians and engineers can assist you in finding the best solution for your business based on your unique needs and industry requirements. Whether that means providing round the cloud monitoring and management for your entire network, offering cloud-based solutions for safe data storage and access, or unifying your communications solutions to provide secure and unfettered services between you, your staff, and your clients, our team can do it all. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we serve clients within the Greater Boston area, as well as the surrounding regions. We can answer any questions you might have about our services or provide you with details on how to implement Internet of Things technology, maximize 5G services, and protect your company at the same time.

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