New Outlook Web Interface: Faster, Simpler, and More Powerful

Outlook Web InterfaceSeptember 2018 marked the launch of the new Outlook web interface for Targeted Release customers. Brand new Outlook web modules are now available for Mail, Calendar, and People that can be opted in and out, depending on your needs. To try out the brand new Outlook web interface, just look for the toggle in the top right of your inbox and click “Try the new Outlook” to get started. There are many new features that can be used to amplify your experience with this popular email client. Our Greater Boston managed services division has been working with clients to implement these new IT solutions for business. Some of the features that they want most include the use of advanced Microsoft programs and applications, such as the option for the group-based collaboration feature powered by the Office 365 Groups service.

Brand New Features

Not sure if you want to jump in and try the new Outlook web interface? Sometimes taking a peek at all of the brand new features that are available can help you make up your mind. No one likes to make changes or have to learn how to navigate new features, but the majority of upgrades included in the new Outlook web interface are intuitive and beneficial to users. It could be worth your while just to take it for a spin. If you still aren’t sure, contact our Greater Boston managed services at Synivate to discuss your needs for IT solutions for business. We can help you maximize the options you are already getting with Microsoft Office 365 Groups service and other applications or suggest new ideas that could benefit you even more.

Some of the features included with the new Outlook web interface include:

  • Anticipated Search – Don’t have time to spend all day searching for the people, conversations, and events that you need? Outlook can now anticipate what you will want to search for based upon your recent conversations and with the people you work with and communicate with the most.
  • Files Module – Searching for files or emails in your inbox can take a lot of time, especially when you retain large amounts of data for business communications. The new Files module helps you to find all of the attachments and files that you have received or have sent through your Outlook inbox. An added option for “Favorites” will help you find files from VIP contacts in a jiffy.
  • Suggested Replies – Do you feel as though you say the same thing over and over in your email replies? The new Outlook web interface integrates intelligent technology to help save you time by providing suggested replies when you want to respond with a short message. Greater for quick replies, which can also be edited and added onto to customize your response.
  • Calendar Events – Now you can use event icons to add events to your calendar so you can get address information, see location suggestions, and quickly identify where you need to go. Video conferencing is also improved with smart room suggestions that can help you find the best online spots for meetings based on the number of attendees, the time of your meeting, availability of space, and any other preferences that you might have. Events online and offline are better managed with the new Outlook web interface.
  • Outlook Add-ins – Perhaps one of the best IT solutions for business that has come from the new Outlook web interface is the simplified options for accessing add-ins. Outlook add-ins help you to accomplish day-to-day tasks even faster, saving emails to your notebook, translating emails, sending payments to friends. Your add-ins that were used in the classic Outlook will be pinned next to mail actions and in the drop-down menu when you open an email. More add-ins can be included from the Office Store just by opening an email, clicking the drop-down menu, and selecting “Get Add-ins” from the options.
  • Office 365 Groups Service – Manage all of your group-based collaborations in the new Outlook web interface by taking advantage of the powerful Office 365 Groups service. This latest version features improvements made to existing features and new features, such as group Files view to gain better control over file activity and group management in the People module of Outlook. Faster and simpler group creation and more efficient group email triage are just some of the changes made to the classic Outlook based on feedback submitted by actual users.

Greater Boston Managed Services

If you are searching for IT solutions for business in the Greater Boston area, consider Synivate and our innovative technology solutions. We can provide you with a comprehensive consultation that will help you make informed decisions about upgrades to existing services and implementation of managed services and support that will help you achieve your goals. If you are interested in learning more about our Greater Boston managed services or require assistance with setting up Outlook 365, managing Office 365 Groups service, or would like to see about trying out the new Outlook web interface, give us a call at 617-517-0704. Synivate delivers powerful, workable solutions for your technology and communications gaps to help take your business to the next level.

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