New HPE Gen 10 Servers: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

When it comes to finding new ways to make changes that will boost security and improve productivity in Boston, Synivate has you covered with innovative technology solutions designed to help you to take your business to the next level. Your company’s most important defense should be your server infrastructure, custom created to include scalable persistent memory, hybrid storage solutions that grow as you need them, and integrated methods to help prevent, detect, and recover from attacks on your security above and beyond a basic firewall.

The latest servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the HPE Gen 10 Server, help companies to prepare for attacks and provide methods to help preserve data and prevent costly disruptions that could severely impact the business. Cybercrime is growing in the United States and around the world. Studies show that this activity is only continuing to escalate, with approximately 720 million hack attempts worldwide every 24 hours. Unfortunately, those same studies reveal that it takes the average business about 99 days to detect planted malicious code, costing approximately $9 million each year on average.

Super Secure Servers

The HPE Gen 10 Server is the world’s most secure industry standard server, featuring the HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle, which provides a foundation of security designed to protect businesses against malicious threats that target server firmware. This prevents things like data loss and denial of service attacks, which can cost your company time and money. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the only industry vendor to provide silicon root of trust, which ensures that the server is unable to ever boot with compromised firmware through the use of a digital fingerprint in the silicon.

In addition, HPE firmware threat detection helps companies to quickly determine if a compromise of the firmware has occurred on a daily basis. Automatic recovery to a known and trusted state will happen in the event of a breach to assist businesses in getting their server operational again without costly delays. HPE Gen 10 Servers also implement the CNSA-suite, which works to protect server data with the highest level of security algorithms to secure your most important and confidential information. Hewlett Packard Enterprises uses innovative technology solutions to help businesses to increase security and stay ahead of industry threats.

Improve Productivity in Boston

The key to modernizing any infrastructure, HPE Gen 10 Servers are designed to boost your abilities across a hybrid world that combines public and private cloud computing with traditional IT services. The higher capacity HPE Scalable Persistent Memory available in Gen 10, connects with the new Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable family, providing higher capacity and better performance that will help businesses to tackle even the most demanding applications. This helps to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area, assisting the companies to become even more agile by making it easier to adapt to changing IT requirements with the combination of server networking and storage advances, HPE Scalable Persistent Memory, and Intelligent System Tuning.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises provides clients with the ability to pay only for the server resources that they want to use, helping to boost economic success and allow for scaling on-demand without incurring additional costs. HPE makes it easy to align flexible payment models with business outcomes based on future needs. Gen 10 Server delivers advanced performance for workloads that are more memory-centric, boosting production by over 70 percent compared to the previous generation. They have earned a world record performance for virtualization and business apps with HPE Synergy, offering a more scalable business performance with secure delivery to drive workloads across a converged infrastructure of both traditional and hybrid IT servicing.

Synivate Innovative Technology Solutions

Our clients come to Synivate when they are in need of custom solutions that integrate IT and communications, while providing top quality customer service and support. Our innovative technology solutions are designed to offer our customers intuitive solutions for technology and communications gaps in a convenient all-in-one service. Since our launch, we have helped hundreds of clients in the Greater Boston area to resolve their communications needs with custom solutions designed to address their unique requirements. With over 30 years of combined experience in the Information Technology (IT) field, our team will deliver integrated options that are designed to integrate high-quality services that will meet or exceed your expectations.

To learn more about Synivate and our hybrid storage solutions, opportunities for scalable persistent memory, and high-performance service for HPE Gen 10 Servers and other professional options, give us a call at 617-517-0704. Our team can provide you with an FREE estimate for our services and answer any questions that you might have about our innovative technology solutions. Call today and see why so many businesses in Southeastern Massachusetts have hired Synivate to provide custom solutions designed to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area.

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