Network Security Services: What is a Zero-Trust Security Model?

network security servicesIt seems as though every day, we learn about a new ransomware attack or cyber-attack on another business. Ransomware attacks are becoming par for the course in many industries and impact both small and large businesses alike. Just because you own a local mom-and-pop shop does not mean that cybercriminals won’t target you and your organization. It is essential to employ network security services that you can use to prevent ransomware attacks before they start. However, it is equally important for you to implement Boston data protection tactics, such as a comprehensive backup and recovery program, to ensure business continuity following any type of disaster situation. Monitoring and management services, as well as zero-trust security model solutions, may also help to protect essential data from threats both inside and outside your organization.

What is a Zero-Trust Security Model?

There are many different methods and techniques used by network security services to protect businesses from ransomware attacks. One particular model that is used by some providers is known as a zero-trust security model. It is a virtual defense program that is modeled after a perimeter-based security system that would be used to protect a building or another type of physical property. It embraces the principle of “never trust, always verify,” the primary objective is not to trust anything that comes into the system. Many believe that this approach would have helped to prevent ransomware attacks, such as the recent headline situation with the Colonial Pipeline. The tools and methods used in a zero-trust security model are designed to thwart the spread of an attack throughout an entire system while still ensuring that the overall operation continues running.

There have been many significant ransomware attacks against organizations in recent months that have made the news, including Oldsmar, Brenntag, and JBS, just to name a few. These attacks reveal the lack of security controls across these companies and their inability to be able to identify, isolate, and recover the infected systems effectively and efficiently. Network security services should include a comprehensive backup and recovery program to ensure a rapid return to operations even while Boston data protection services continue to isolate and remove the infected elements of the system. A zero-trust security model treats each machine, device, application, user, and data stream as an independent entity with its own security perimeter, which can help expedite identification and isolation to prevent ransomware attacks from spreading swiftly across the organization.

Network Security Services

When it comes to protecting your organization, it pays to have someone on your side who can help you to safeguard what matters most. In many cases, smaller organizations simply do not have the manpower or resources to prevent ransomware attacks effectively, which is why they have become targets of cybercriminals in recent years. At Synivate, we work with each new client to determine the areas that require the most support to establish a custom approach to network security services. Our team of highly trained and experienced IT technicians and engineers can help you to choose a program that will deliver effective Boston data protection and recovery services based on your needs, goals, and budget.

Synivate can provide the services, support, and tools necessary to help you safeguard your organization. Whether you utilize cloud computing services, implement virtual private networks (VPNs) for remote staff, or rely on a variety of mobile devices for your day-to-day operations, we can help you to achieve your security goals. Asset management, employee education, IT help desk support and more can all work to enhance your existing IT department or create a comprehensive IT program designed specifically for your needs. Our solutions will help you stay focused on growing, expanding, and managing your business instead of worrying about how to prevent ransomware attacks.

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