network security in BostonWhile most business owners are aware of the threats posed by phishing, spear-phishing, and other techniques used by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive company data, many do very little to prevent it. Your approach to Greater Boston cybersecurity should include a wide range of custom solutions based on your organization’s unique needs and requirements. Each business and industry is different and will require various services and support for network security in Boston and the surrounding area.

Data loss is a chief concern for victims of phishing attacks, but other compromises can be just as severe and damaging. A simple technique, phishing attacks rely on the vulnerability of your staff and your network. A significant increase in phishing attacks was experienced in 2020, which included standard and broad-based attacks that targeted specific types of organizations and took advantage of the newly increased remote workforce. Knowledge is power when it comes to phishing attacks, so the more you can do to keep employees up-to-date on network security in Boston, the better.

What is Social Engineering?

Most experienced computer users are aware of the risks that can come via unsolicited emails or emails pretending to be from a co-worker, supervisor, or IT staff. However, email is not the only method used by today’s cybercriminals, who have become savvier and have adapted to changes in business communication. Social media, text messaging, and even voicemail have been used to execute phishing attacks on unsuspecting employees – and have been successful. Taking advantage of new technology, uneducated staff, and current global events made cyberattacks extremely successful in 2020.

Social engineering is perhaps the most sophisticated and targeted type of phishing attack used to con employees into giving out access information. These methods exploit human behavior by pretending to be a co-worker, vendor, customer, or authority figure of some sort to gain access to the data that they desire. These criminals take time to learn about you, your company, and your staff so they can speak confidently and sound like they work for the organization. This helps them to be more believable – and successful – in their social engineering attack.

Education and Support for Staff

One way to provide Boston security solutions to our clients is to include education and support services for employees. It is essential to know how well-versed your staff is concerning cybersecurity – modern network security goes well-beyond basic malware and anti-virus monitoring in Boston. Ensure your team understands the value of improving their knowledge of security and the expectations you have for their compliance. Stress the importance of being careful about social media posts, including personal photos, pet and baby names, as well as other information that could be used to gain access.

This type of education is both beneficial to your business and the individual employee as well. The more people understand how their personal information can be used against them, the more protective they become about it. This will reduce their chances of becoming cybercrime targets where personal finances and data can be threatened. Knowledge is power, and it can help you and your staff be equipped with the tools necessary to avoid becoming a victim. By far, information and support are the best lines of defense against social engineering, phishing, and spear phishing attacks.

Professional Network Security in Boston

The next step to protecting your business is to ensure that you have the services, resources, and support required to ensure effective network security in Boston and the surrounding area. At Synivate, we have created a broad spectrum of services designed to be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Our options for Boston security solutions can be used to protect many different types of businesses, and our 24/7 monitoring and management programs can ensure that your organization is ready for anything. Business continuity solutions with reliable disaster recovery and back-up advanced IT services and round-the-clock anti-virus monitoring in Boston are just some of the ways we can provide support.

To learn more about Synivate and our innovative technology solutions for increased Greater Boston cybersecurity and communications, give us a call at 617-848-1248. We can answer any questions you might have about our services or provide a FREE IT Assessment to help you identify the areas of your business that require the most support. Call today and take advantage of our free network assessments and evaluations to better understand your technology.