Nanosatellites & Cost-Effective Connectivity for IoT Devices

Internet of Things Devices in BostonOne of the biggest stories at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada was a discussion about plans to use nanosatellite technology to provide more cost-effective network connectivity for IoT (Internet of Things) devices, especially in remote places around the world. Taking the idea of IoT connectivity to space is very exciting for a number of reasons. There are many industries that could use this type of connectivity to their advantage, boosting productivity and communications applications.

The maritime industry is one of the industries mentioned that would benefit greatly from this type of network connectivity, ensuring better quality connections long distances from shore out on the ocean. Other industries that work in remote locations would also see a clear advantage from using nanosatellites to improve communications, as well as an opportunity to offer redundancy in more populated areas for emergency situations. While this solution is not yet available and is, in fact, still in the testing phase, many people in the tech industry are anxiously awaiting more information about this solution.

How to Improve Productivity in Boston

Synivate offers a wide range of services to help our customers improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area. The solutions that we provide are readily available and can be implemented for small to large-size business organizations. Our Greater Boston software solutions can assist you in streamlining your IT department, or we can also assist with strategic tools, such as data center virtualization and business continuity. We create custom solutions that are designed to reduce downtime and improve overall performance.

We assist our clients in developing a custom IT disaster recovery plan that includes a comprehensive backup strategy that can be used to recover from minor issues and major disasters that have the potential to impact your business. The purpose of all these services is to reduce the stress and day-to-day management that needs to be done, so our clients have more time to focus on growing and expanding their business.

IoT Connectivity

Clients who work with technology that includes Internet of Things (IoT) development, production, and use can benefit from our consulting and strategy services. Our team can help you to improve the way that you manage and monitor your IT department by offering a custom solution designed to specifically address your unique needs and requirements. Cloud computing, which is instrumental in the use of IoT technology, is also something that our team excels at providing for our clients.

We can help you to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area by implementing cloud computing solutions that include software, hardware, and even some of your company’s IT operations in the cloud. We can help you choose a custom solution that will offer all of the services and security opportunities that you require for your business. Cloud computing can also assist with communications, helping employees to communicate, collaborate, and perform their duties in a much more effective and efficient way.

VMware Solutions

Our technicians can provide you with the solutions you need to improve IoT connectivity and operations by implementing data center virtualization with VMware solutions. Consolidate your computing in high-density server clusters that are powered by either Dell or HPE server solutions. We can deploy an environment for small workloads with just a few hosts or tackle larger jobs with hundreds of virtual machines. The VMware solutions that we use are designed around the concept of High Availability, which makes them perfect to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area.

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