Migrating to Shared Storage Can Save Money for Boston Businesses

Some IT solutions for business are not designed to pay off instantly but are an investment in your future. With all of the natural disasters and major storms going on in the world today, you might be thinking about data backup solutions and business continuity strategies. Shared storage solutions are a great way to get the extra storage you need for your environment as your business grows without having to invest in more expensive local storage solutions.

If you aren’t sure whether you are currently set-up with disaster recovery solutions or if software defined storage is right for your Greater Boston area business, it can be very beneficial to work with a professional consulting service, such as Synivate. We have helped hundreds of businesses throughout the region to make smart technology choices designed to help them achieve their goals and protect their businesses from disaster.

Local Storage vs. Shared Storage
One of the biggest differences between local storage and shared storage solutions is server costs. When it comes to local storage, either for everyday or data backup solutions, more hardware is required. The server needs to have everything required to increase local storage, such as fast hard drives, fast array controllers and, as your needs increase, the costs will continue rise for each server. Simply defined, local storage is located within the server, whether that server is running vSphere or some other hypervisor. As a result, there are some limitations in what a local server can do with regard to IT solutions for business.

For example, some of the limitations for a local server include:

  • live migration from server-to-server with a running VM is not an option
  • other servers cannot “see” or access local storage, making it restrictive for virtual desktop situations
  • server balancing is also unavailable, as a live migration functionality is required to rebalance loads throughout the day

Shared storage solutions work on a centralized storage system for either SAN or NAS devices. SAN solutions can be quite costly with regard to infrastructure components, and they require some type of hardware connection, either through the use of network cards or some other kind of connectivity. This can have an impact on the server, but also on the underlying infrastructure to support the network switches and increased traffic. Software defined storage, either as daily data backup solutions or for additional storage solutions, requires professional set-up and ongoing support to ensure that the dynamic infrastructure supports the company’s goals to create valuable IT solutions for business.

Professional and Experienced Services
So while shared storage solutions may be more costly at the beginning, over time, they will provide a bigger return on investment, allowing a business to expand their storage needs as required without having to purchase more hard drives and array controllers to increase local storage equipment. Overall, as viable IT solutions for business, shared storage solutions outperform local storage options for the long run. Your best bet is to work with a professional service that has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the software defined storage, data backup solutions and money-saving shared storage solutions you require to meet your goals.

Synivate works with each client as an individual to identify your needs to effectively integrate and install support IT solutions for business that are designed to address the unique demands of each company in an all-in-one service. If you are considering an evaluation and resolution of your technology needs, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you to get the job done. Synivate is dependable and forward-thinking, providing high-class IT solutions through specialized design, implementation, and support. In addition, we also offer managed services, consulting services, unified communications solutions, cloud computing strategies, hosted applications, data backup solutions, and much more.

Contact Synivate for a Professional Consultation
Whatever your needs regarding IT Solutions for business in the Greater Boston area, contact our team by calling 617-517-0704. Got 10 minutes? That’s about all it takes to complete our IT Assessment Checklist, which can help you to perform a quick self-evaluation of your company’s current network. Once completed, our team will follow up with you to schedule a more comprehensive assessment at absolutely no cost to you. Help your business remain competitive both now and in the future. Protect the all of the time and money that you have invested by focusing on data backup solutions, shared storage solutions, and software defined storage opportunities that will help you continue to meet the technology demands of the future without missing a beat. Call Synivate today and see why so many Boston area companies have trusted our team with their essential IT solutions for business.

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