Microsoft 365 Business Solutions for Boston Small Business Owners

Building up a successful small business requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are innovative technology solutions designed specifically to address the unique needs and requirements of today’s small business owners. A brand new plan is now available from Microsoft, the leading name in IT solutions for business, that provides every essential feature that you could ever need to improve productivity in Boston or anywhere else in the world. Microsoft 365 Business is a powerful plan that provides intuitive small business solutions, helping to simplify IT management and safeguard your important data in a whole new way.

What Does It Do?
Microsoft 365 Business helps you to do what you need to do, whenever and wherever you want to do it. It gives small business owners the freedom and opportunity to be in the field, getting new clients and customers, while maintaining quality control and consistency in the office. You can access your work securely from anywhere, even while working offline when there is no Wi-Fi available, and sync back up with the home network later. It is available for Microsoft Windows, as you might expect, but these small business solutions are also designed to work just as effectively with iOS, Android, Mac, and through popular web browsers, providing better options across all devices.

These innovative technology solutions from Microsoft help you to integrate your work using Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and other popular software programs. You can bring your team members and all of your resources, ideas, and data together seamlessly in one place. With Microsoft 365 Business, you can even connect with customers, suppliers, and anyone else that you need to work with to accomplish your goals. Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant, helps you to coordinate your efforts and stay on top of it all. It is simplified to include all of the IT solutions for business that you need without complicating the tasks required to effectively manage and maintain your small business from anywhere in the world.

How It Works
One of the biggest benefits associated with Microsoft 365 Business is that these innovative technology solutions help to safeguard all of your company data, whether you and your team are accessing information via tablets, smartphones or PCs. These tools help to protect you against serious threats that can damage your small business, including phishing, malware, and other security issues. Increase your security even further by integrating these small business solutions with the most current versions of Windows 10 and Office 365. You can even connect with your employees, specific departments, and customers using Outlook and Exchange, improving communications, calendaring collaboration, and more.

An important benefit associated with using these simple IT solutions for business is that it is easy to setup new employees to the system and even easier to manage the network. In fact, it is possible to manage all users, and the devices used to access Microsoft 365 Business, all through the use of one single dashboard. To streamline your efforts, just one single login is provided to manage all associated services for your new small business solutions and monitor the use of all devices. Files can be managed anytime, anywhere with a full terabyte of storage and powerful data protection controls that can be used to secure data all devices, including devices owned by staff and in-house smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Even More Benefits
In addition to being able to improve productivity in Boston and the surrounding area, Microsoft 365 Business also helps small business owners to manage their new PCs and other devices better, providing dependability and support that would otherwise only be available via a team of professional IT managers. This can save small businesses in costs associated with hiring experienced IT team members, including recruiting costs, payroll, benefits, sick time, vacation, insurance, as well as hardware, software, and upkeep of technology. Companies that choose to work with these small business solutions also get guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime and support via the internet and telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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