Managed Services in Boston for Computer and Network Security

computer and network security in BostonOne of the best ways to take control of your small to medium sized business (SMB) is to get managed services in Boston, including 24/7 remote monitoring and management. These services can ensure consistent operations for all of your computer networks, hardware and even provide support for employees who are working from remote locations. At Synivate, our monitoring and management services offer computer and network security solutions for organizations that don’t have the staffing, resources, or desire to create their own in-house IT department. It is essential to understand that computer and network security are crucial to the success of any business, regardless of the size or the type. Our team works with each client to create custom solutions, including comprehensive IT services for SMBs, that are designed to reduce downtime, improve performance, and ensure that their network is working at optimal efficiency.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Consistent monitoring can help to address minor issues before they become significant and costly problems. Your management program should include software updates, computer and network security, asset tracking services, system performance, mobile devices, and any services that are specific to your business or industry. Synivate provides professional remote monitoring and management in the Greater Boston area for clients with our team of highly trained and experienced IT technicians. We monitor your entire network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don’t have to worry about staffing issues, such as sick days, vacation time, or scheduling conflicts. We are there around the clock to provide all of the systems management, tracking, and security services you need to maximize the return on your investment.

Some of the services that we offer for comprehensive computer and network security include updating your outdated software. These updates should be applied as quickly as possible to address any potential security risks or bugs that could be lurking in an outdated version. In addition to staying on top of relevant updates, we also make sure that any enhancements that are designed to make your programs run more efficiently and effectively are implemented. This can help to reduce errors, vulnerabilities and protect your system from cyberattacks. A wide range of additional services are also included in our managed services in Boston, which include monitoring event logs to check for remote access attempts and other markers that can indicate potential attacks. Early detection of attacks can prevent theft of data, loss of data, and implantation of malware.

Computer and Network Security

One of the areas that many organizations overlook is asset tracking. This includes all of the hardware that is used with your company network. Computers, mobile devices, peripherals, servers, and any other related assets should be tracked using the licensing details, serial numbers, and expected location. This can be particularly helpful for employees working remotely or staff who regularly work outside the office to provide customer services and support. Each device, along with any related additional data, can be collected and stored to improve management and tracking of all assets and IT services for SMBs and larger organizations. This will make it easier to know when any patches, updates, and licensing issues need to be addressed to avoid support expiration and ensure proper performance in the field.

Ensuring that your business is up to the challenge regarding mobile devices, advanced technology, and high-speed processing is essential to your continued success. Whether your team uses company tablets, laptops, and smartphones or if you allow staff to use their own devices in the field, for remote working, or at the office. Every device on the network must be checked for security and other potential issues to prevent vulnerabilities and other problems from occurring within the overall system. Our worry-free managed services in Boston can be used to help you stay on track, perform essential security tasks, and ensure that your system is up-to-date to prevent cyberattacks and other situations from happening. We can also help you set up a complete data and recovery system to ensure that you get back to business as soon as possible following an attack or disaster-type situation. If you would like to learn more about remote monitoring and management or other IT services for SMBs, contact Synviate direct by calling 617-848-1248.