malicious exploits and attacksAnother day, another attack on popular operating systems, browsers, and devices. The latest malicious exploits and attacks to hit the business world include cyber criminals who took advantage of bugs found in Windows, Chrome, and older Android versions. The best way to defend your business from attacks like these is to stay on top of software updates in Boston and the surrounding area. Since Windows and Android users are by far one of the largest combined groups on a global scale, the actual number of users who have not patched, updated, upgraded, or replaced outdated systems is significantly higher than a lesser-known system or software issue. Any vulnerabilities found in these high profile systems will be exploited as quickly as they are discovered, so it pays to make computer and network security a priority in your organization.

Zero-Day and N-Day Vulnerabilities

It can be helpful to have some insight into the different vulnerabilities that hackers and cyber criminals take advantage of when it comes to malicious exploits and attacks. Various campaigns can be used in a number of different ways, depending on the intended target. While these recent attacks focused on Windows and Android users, other vulnerabilities may have been more specific on a particular type of browser or software application. Depending on the issue and its status with regard to patches and updates, the issue may be identified as either a zero-day or n-day vulnerability. The cyber criminals then determine the best method to be used that could infect or impact the largest number of users and organizations to achieve their goals.

A zero-day vulnerability is something that is frequently discussed in tech circles and identified as something that must be corrected quickly through computer and network security means to prevent an attack. Software updates in Boston and the surrounding area are essential for businesses to prevent vulnerabilities. The zero-day attack refers to an exploit that takes advantage of a vulnerability that has been newly discovered but is not known by the vendor, which means that no patch has been made available to users. The n-day attack refers to an issue that focuses on a publicly known vulnerability and might already have a patch provided by the vendor. Due to delays in updates and applications of patches by users in general, the issue is likely still highly exploitable.

Boston Malicious Exploits and Attacks

At Synivate, we see a wide range of threats made to businesses in the Greater Boston area. Phishing, ransomware, and other types of malicious exploits and attacks are now more sophisticated and complex than ever. Organizations of all types and sizes are being attacked and threatened by individuals and groups all over the internet and from all around the world. It has become essential for businesses to take the necessary steps required to protect their essential company data and records. Network security services can help you to protect your business beyond the basic antivirus, anti-malware, and off-the-shelf security software applications. We offer custom solutions through a comprehensive array of options for detecting and blocking viruses, malware, ransomware, and other dangerous attacks, including software and system vulnerabilities.

We use a combination of approaches to deliver unmatched services to our clients. Software updates and upgrades, along with firmware updates, employee education, and a reliable backup and recovery program, can prepare your business to overcome just about any type of attack. Cyber attacks that utilize phishing and spear-phishing methods can be used to steal data, money, and credentials, depending on the goals of the hacker. Social engineering techniques are even more sophisticated and can involve an actual con to gain access to employee accounts, computer networks, and other sensitive data. Preparing your company for eventual attack and making sure that you will be able to recover quickly through business continuity methods and a disaster recovery plan will ensure that they do not succeed. If you have concerns about computer and network security for your Greater Boston business, contact Synivate to ensure that you have all of the proper programs, policies, and safeguards in place without delay. You can reach our team by calling 617-848-1248 or by using our online contact form to reach one of our experienced technology technicians.