Leverage MDM Solutions by Cisco Meraki & Microsoft Office 365

Mobile Device Management in Greater Boston AreaMobile device management (MDM) is a type of security software that can be used to monitor, manage, and secure mobile devices used by employees by an IT department. The devices can be deployed across multiple internet service providers and operating systems while being used within the organization on a daily basis. MDM solutions are found in the form of mobile device management software, which is typically combined with additional security tools to provide a more comprehensive approach to mobile device and security within a more substantial enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

In most situations, the IT department manages all of the security related to the use of mobile apps, network access, and data used by the mobile device from a single software product. This is known as end-to-end security, encompassing every aspect of mobile device management in the workplace. Some MDM solutions provide a combination of mobile security and other management services in one product, depending on the needs of the client. Some features include mobile policy management, inventory management, telecommunications service management, security management, and support of mobile applications.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Experience counts for something, especially when it comes to MDM solutions for business. Cisco Meraki operates the largest-scale Cloud Networking service in the industry, powering over tens of thousands of networks worldwide, connecting millions of devices. Cisco Meraki has continuously run its production service in the cloud for over seven years, making it the most experienced. Trusted by IT professionals across many different industries, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager provides a wide range of over-the-air centralized management, diagnostics, and monitoring services for mobile device management.

From Androids to iPads, Macs to PCs and just about everything in between, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager monitors all of your devices and provides useful metrics and the ability to remotely lock and erase devices for added enterprise security. Other features include scalable endpoint configuration, on-device content management, and secure support for BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives. Cisco Meraki provides MDM solutions that allow businesses to centrally manage mobile devices, Macs and PCs, enforce restrictions and deploy network settings for comprehensive control over all company and employee devices.

Microsoft Office 365

If you are still dragging your feet about completing the latest Office 365 migration, the most recent information about MDM solutions with Microsoft Office 365 might inspire you to get going. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud collaboration tool that provides a wide range of services and solutions for business to ensure a private and secure space for storing, sharing, and editing files and documents, allowing teams to connect and share data via a variety of tools. MDM solutions are available for mobile device management designed to allow file access from any device, remote mobile data wiping, file sharing internally and externally, along with a selection of other options.

Microsoft is a trusted name in the business world and has earned a solid reputation for providing quality solutions. Is Microsoft Office 365 the best solution for mobile device management within your business structure? Find out by working with a consultant at Synivate to go over your options, address your concerns, and find a solution that is right for your business today and tomorrow. Many other benefits are available when you use Microsoft Office 365 for MDM solutions, including business-class email, office web apps, online meeting scheduling, social networking, instant messaging, video and voice calls, as well as a host of other communications tools.

Why MDM Solutions Matter

2019 is already set up to be a big year for security with mobile devices used in business. IT managers are continually looking for new ways to increase security and better manage devices for the best interests of the company. The BYOD movement requires advance strategies within the IT department to ensure that the use of personal devices in the workplace won’t become a threat to network security. Popular MDM solutions, including Cisco Meraki Systems Manager and Microsoft Office 365 provide tools that IT departments and companies can use to their advantage. Whether your goal is to allow employees to use personal devices to access corporate mail and content or just to monitor devices brought into the workplace, these top MDM solutions can help you to achieve it.

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