IT Asset Management: Data Center Systems Management Services

IT asset managementRegardless of the industry that you serve, asset management should be an essential part of your IT department or data management services. If you are considering making a more significant investment into technology in the coming year, you might want to consider IT asset management. In fact, industry experts are estimating that businesses across the country will increase spending in technology by more than 50 percent in the next twelve months in spite of current economic concerns. The benefits of improved asset management software and more closely safeguarded data center systems outweighs concerns about the financial health of the nation. Businesses are expected to invest heavily in software, IT devices, data centers, and increased security.

The Cost of Asset Management Software & Services

There are different approaches to providing IT asset management for your business. One is to purchase a software program that will deliver data management services, such as Asset Panda, Freshservice, or ServiceNow. Pricing for these types of programs can range from $75 per month per user on up to a couple thousands of dollars per year per user. Customized programs, such as ServiceNow, depend on the unique needs and demands of the corporate client and the level of security and management that is required. The other approach would be to outsource these types of IT services to a trusted company that can provide 24/7 monitoring and management, as well as asset management services. This is a great advantage to small and mid-sized companies, as well as growing and expanding businesses that do not have the budget or space for an in-house IT department.

Synivate offers a wide range of customized services that can be included in our managed services program. We understand that each individual business has different needs and requirements that must be addressed by data management services and support. We offer a customized solution for companies that do not have the manpower, resources, budget, or desire to establish their own IT asset management and department in-house. We work with each client to create solutions based on their unique requirements, address industry regulations, reduce downtime, and improve performance to ensure that the entire network is working efficiently for maximum results.

What to Expect from Managed Services

There are a wide range of tasks and services that fall under the umbrella of managed services that we provide at Synivate. In addition to monitoring your entire network, we offer a variety of IT asset management and data management services. Regular updates can create a more secure and efficient environment, including software, hardware, and peripheral updates, to proactively address any bugs or security risks. This provides protection not only against cyberattacks, but other vulnerabilities as well. Checking event logs for remote access attempts and other preventive actions can help to further safeguard your data center systems.

IT asset management and tracking has become even more important in recent years, as employees tend to bring their own devices to work or take office equipment home for after hours computing. Management should include tracking of any and all IT assets, including the licensing details, serial numbers, and current location of all hardware. Peripherals, servers, computers, and mobile devices that are part of the larger network should all be included in the data input and tracked in the asset management software. Additional data can also be collected and stored for each device, including the operating systems, applications, and any other programs that are installed, as well as the current version and most recent update information.

Consider IT Asset and Data Management Services

Regardless of the size of your organization, it is crucial to dedicate at least some of your technology investments into asset management software and monitoring services. Synivate provides worry-free monitoring and management for growing businesses to ensure that their essential systems, network, and data are secured. Our team of highly trained IT technicians monitor your entire network 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing insight into all of the systems management, IT asset management, tracking, and security required to maximize your system’s potential. Contact our team directly by calling 617-848-1248 to speak with one of our team members about your needs or to ask questions about monitoring and management programs for your data center systems.