Is It Time to Ban Fax Machines for the Sake of Cybersecurity?

Fax Machine Security Risks in Boston AreaWell, maybe not a government ban, but a strategic ban by businesses themselves to increase data safety and cybersecurity across the board. Modern communications and IT solutions for business are much safer when it comes to protecting data. In fact, many governments and industry entities now consider fax technology to be outdated and are currently investing in new methods to provide better communications. A majority of industry experts claim that fax machines are a risk to confidentiality due to the widespread errors that occur when sending and receiving information in this manner.

Serious Lack of Security

One reason why many Boston managed services are recommending that their clients move away from fax machines is the total lack of security found in fax protocols. Most companies do nothing to secure fax lines, which could leave them open to malicious attacks. Many of the fax machines still in use today are part of all-in-one systems that include printers, photocopiers, and scanners, all of which have a connection to the internal network. While this is all designed to improve productivity and reliability, it could actually be allowing hackers into the company network where they are free to do damage.

Once a hacker gains control over the machine that handles the faxes, printing and other services, they gain access to the network. Because there is rarely security found on these devices, this makes it easy for them to attack the larger network and the entire organization. The old saying, “you are only as strong as your weakest link” certainly applies here. The fax machine – and printer, photocopy machine, and scanner – is the weak link, allowing attackers to expose vulnerabilities in the system to penetrate otherwise well-secured networks. Are you ready to say goodbye to the fax machine yet?

Network Security in Boston

The best place to start is to contact Synivate to discuss consultant services. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can walk you through our services to provide custom IT solutions for business. Whether your concerns are about vulnerable fax machines, unreliable equipment, or if you are ready to explore cloud managed networks, our Greater Boston managed services and solutions can help. The most serious threat the business today is the cyber attack, which includes phishing, ransomware, and other issues related to network security.

Businesses of all sizes must take the necessary steps to protect important data and essential records, going above and beyond anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security apps for business. While this is a great start, these efforts are often not enough. A comprehensive security program with an array of options designed to detect and block viruses, malware, ransomware, and other types of dangers attacks must be deployed. In addition, employee education and other measures intended to reduce vulnerabilities should be used. Finally, preparations for data backup and recovery services are also needed to help you get back to work as quickly as possible after an attack or another incident.

How to Prepare for Cyber Attacks

The best way to protect your business is to be prepared for any eventuality. You might think that your small business would not be a target for hackers, especially when compared to much larger targets, but the truth is that businesses of all sizes are being attacked. Preventive measures are essential, but taking time to back up your data and other essential systems can reduce the effects of even the most sophisticated cyber attack. Our Greater Boston managed services and IT solutions for business can help you to be prepared.

Contact Synivate to learn more about how comprehensive security assessments, updated software and systems, training and support for staff, and other measures can be used to protect your business. We can go through all of the equipment, software, and existing security at your place of business to identify cybersecurity risks and make changes that will increase productivity and reliability. Our team can help you get started and implement a plan designed to thwart attackers and reduce risks while providing services in advance that are designed to get your system back online and make changes to prevent further access. Give us a call at 617-517-0704 or send us a message via our online contact form.