innovative technology solutions bostonAs one year passes and a new one begins, it’s time for those who work with technology to look to the future. How will the continuous evolution of the tech world change the way that you do business? What will consumers demand, and how will you respond? Remote management services, IT consulting, and innovative technology solutions through reputable services like Synivate can help you to keep your business at the forefront of these advances. Preparing for the future can be a challenge unless you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the industry. Our team can offer a wide range of services designed to help you come out on top. From harnessing data center traffic to cloud computing in Boston, we can provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Data Center Traffic in 2020

Industry experts believe that the continued growth of services like Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and AWS will provide businesses with an even more significant focus on cloud computing in Boston. A combination of private, public, and hybrid clouds will be at the epicenter of this movement, eventually seeing approximately 90 percent of all data center traffic in the cloud. As more popular social media outlets, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, utilize the cloud for all of their data, more dependency on cloud computing is highly anticipated. Some are even beginning to call it “the year of the cloud.”

Edge computing is also expected to see huge growth in 2020, further impacting data center traffic. As more companies utilize Internet of Things (IoT) and the various related services, innovative technology solutions must be devised to ensure a better method for deploying IoT devices. Instead of a centralized network, as many businesses are currently using, insiders are predicting a significant move to edge computing to create an ideal network situation. Edge computing has helped businesses improve the way that they collect and analyze data, increasing efficiency, performance, and safety across the board.

5G Networks in 2020

With speeds that are estimated to be ten times faster than what we have with the current 4G standard, this is perhaps one of the most anticipated tech roll outs in the coming year. With cloud computing in Boston, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more connected devices than ever before on the rise, 5G is expected to make marked improvements for businesses and consumers. The big news about 5G is that it has the ability to support millions of devices per square mile, and in a city as big as Boston, that is very exciting. 5G has the potential to increase real-time processing, meaning that the way we deploy and use tech will also change.

While it is expected to be a huge boon to businesses that utilize edge computing and IoT, it is essential to ensure that the devices that you are using match the network technology. Working with innovative technology solutions and consulting services at Synivate can help prepare your company for the next evolution. Advancements in technology have helped businesses to improve the way that they communicate, collaborate, and perform daily tasks. Our consultation services can be used to help you identify areas that can be improved, updated, or upgraded to maximize the return on your investment.

Remote Management Services

As technology grows and demand for consistent operations and computer networks expands in the business world, remote management services become even more essential to small and medium-size businesses. 24/7 monitoring for daily operations, enhancing or eliminating the need for a costly in-house IT department, and protecting your essential data and technology from disaster is a full-time job. Synivate works with each client to create a custom solution designed to reduce downtime, improve performance, and make sure that your network is working at optimal efficiency to maximize your results.

Our comprehensive approach to IT solutions works to your benefit. Software updates, computer and network security, asset tracking solutions, system performance management, mobile device technology, high-speed processing, worry-free monitoring, and essential backup and recovery system implementation are just some of the services that we offer. Call our team today at 617-517-0704 to make sure that your business is ready for all of the tech changes coming in 2020. Data center traffic, edge computing, and enhanced cloud computing in Boston are just some of the opportunities that you can use to take your business to the next level.