coronavirus cyber security challengesAs more and more industries scramble to change the way they do business under pandemic regulations, Coronavirus cyber security challenges increase and cause new threats. Industry experts reveal that scammers are not only using the public’s concerns about COVID-19 to cause financial harm through phishing and other malicious attacks, but they are also taking advantage of small businesses. The latest campaigns focus on the US small business relief fund, impersonating the Small Business Association (SBA) and national banks to make false offers of financial relief funds. Some reports even show impersonations of World Health Organization (WHO) officials, with an overall increase of related scams at more than 6,000 percent since the virus was declared a pandemic in March 2020.

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Small to medium-size businesses or SMBs, as they are known, are typically the target of these cyber scams. Some of the emails collected by security teams show that the promise of government funds designed to keep SMBs afloat during the pandemic crisis is what has triggered many to fall for the deceptions. One survey conducted by IBM revealed that nearly 40 percent of those contacted had received at least one of these phishing emails, which frequently contain malicious attachments to deploy malware on company devices. Even those who don’t fall for the emails claiming to be from the WHO or SBA might be more likely to click on links that pretend to be from Wells Fargo, American Express, and other financial organizations.

Network security in Boston and all across the country is essential to combat these Coronavirus cyber security challenges and other types of dangerous malware and cyber attacks. Once again, the studies reveal that it is typically the employee or, in some cases, the business owner’s misunderstanding or confusion regarding the methods used by official businesses to contact them that makes them more likely to become victims. No legitimate financial organization will contact you via email and ask you to download an application or submit account verification information through a link in order to transfer relief funds payment. Knowledge is power when it comes to nearly every type of cyber crime event and, as we see here, COVID-19 is no exception. The best thing SMBs and businesses of all sizes can do is to provide their employees with education, training, and support.

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Studies reveal that the best way to overcome many issues associated with network security in Boston is to have a disaster recovery service or system in place. While the recent Coronavirus cyber security challenges are popular in tech news right now, other issues, such as human error, the accidental deletion of files and folders, loss of a company device, or simple hard drive failure can lead to lost sales, customers, and clients. Protect your business by investing in quality Boston software solutions for security and provide your team with the training and support they need to prevent many common problems from occurring. Whether your team is working remotely from home or at the office for essential business services, you need to make sure they are prepared, and you are ready for any type of incident that could happen.

We start by identifying your company’s essential data to determine what needs to be backed up on a daily basis for effective protection. While it would be ideal to make a backup of all data every single day, that is not always possible. Many businesses choose to backup non-essential data on a weekly or monthly basis, according to their needs. There are a wide range of backup techniques that can be used, which should be chosen based on any business-based or industry requirements. Synivate recommends multiple options, such as at least two or more methods of backup, to create a comprehensive solution to protect your company’s essential data. Studies show that more than half of all organizations without a disaster recovery service in place will go out of business within six months or less following an extensive cyber attack. Secure storage, backup file testing, and other key components should all be included in strategies designed to protect your company’s essential data.

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One of the reasons why Synivate is so trusted and relied upon by our clients is because we work to offer comprehensive network security in Boston that includes a custom approach based on each organization’s individual needs. Greater Boston software solutions should be designed to meet any regulations or constraints surrounding your business and the industry that you serve to ensure that you are not left exposed to potential risks. Outside of the immediate threat posed by Coronavirus cyber security challenges, the time to protect your business and implement disaster recovery service solutions is now. Contact Synivate by calling 617-517-0704 to learn about all of the ways that we can provide you with the tools, training, and support you need to safeguard everything you have worked so hard to create.