Improve Data Management: Data Governance Tools and Policies

improve data managementIf there’s one thing that all businesses need across the board, it’s better organization and management tools for data. It can be challenging to create a company data policy, but even more difficult to implement data access policies throughout the entire corporate structure. This can be true, even for small to medium-sized companies. However, when the goal is to improve data management, it is essential to figure it all out and stay on top of it for the benefit of the organization. Data governance tools can be extremely helpful in this type of situation and can even help to keep company information consistent and up to date for all departments, locations, and employees.

The Benefits of Data Governance Tools

While there are pros and cons to practically everything, it is important to understand what you’re getting into when you begin to work with a new tool or management service. The clear benefits of data governance tools is that they help you to identify and correct data errors, while working to improve the accuracy and consistency of the data as a whole. These tools can help you to enforce data access policies to ensure that you have total control over who can access what data within the company. Most data governance tools support a wide range of data sources and formats, employ auditing and tracking services, and can even be used to help your business meet regulatory requirements for your industry.

The downside to working with tools like this to create a company data policy and enforce it on a daily basis is that these programs usually have a big learning curve and can require training. Their use can also make significant changes to your management efforts, upending your usual mode of doing business. The initial setup and configuration of these tools can be very complicated and can take some time to setup and implement. In addition, significant time must be invested to establish policy documentation, determine which employees belong in what access groups, and to define the parameters that separate them to protect essential data access and use. The good news is that there are third-party solutions that can help you to achieve your goals in a fraction of the time.

Improve Data Management and Control

When you begin to use data governance tools to manage data access policies within your organization, you will see changes at all levels, including daily operations. It makes it a lot easier to assess your needs, create a company data policy, as well as to implement and enforce those policies going forward. When you work with our team at Synivate to assist you in the development of tools and policies to improve data management, you can take advantage of a wide range of features and functions to help you more comprehensively manage the data life cycle of your organization. Data assets are tagged based on importance, sensitivity, and relevance to any compliance regulations. Regular checks are then performed to ensure quality, accuracy, consistency, and validity of data within the network.

Defining the ownership, roles, and responsibilities concerning your company’s data can also have other beneficial side effects for your organization as a whole. Not only does it allow you to set certain data security and privacy measures for critical data, but it also forces you to define which employees may have access, which departments require access, and can even streamline the workflow process related to that data. They can also be used to help enforce compliance and meet government regulation requirements, such as conforming to HIPAA or GDPR standards, maintaining data integrity and a data audit trail that you can use, if necessary.

Create a Company Data Policy

Whether you desire the ability to place more controls over sensitive data through the use of data governance tools or if you are required to do so due to the industry that you serve, Synivate can help. Our team of highly trained and experienced technology experts can assist you with a wide range of IT compliance services to help improve data management and control. Data protection, international regulations, industry standards – all of these requirements can make or break your organization’s ability to operate effectively. Give us a call at 617-517-0704 to speak with one of our agents about your needs. We can help you to ensure that your business aligns with crucial regulations to deliver smooth business operations.

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