How to Take Advantage of Microsoft Power BI Advanced Reporting

Power Business Analytics in BostonInformation drives just about every industry in America. The more you know about essential business data, the easier it will be to use it to your advantage. The advanced reporting features available through Microsoft Power BI provide business owners with more than just a powerful business analytics tool. Power BI is a cloud-based suite of tools that can be used to help businesses connect to data, visualize information, and analyze all of the collected data faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Microsoft Office 365 Power BI analytics connect users to live data through interactive reports, simplified dashboards, and visualizations that can bring the desired information to life. Users can connect to hundreds of unique data sources and produce detailed reports that can be viewed across designated mobile devices. Custom options are available to help increase the value of this tool. Create your own personalized dashboard to establish a comprehensive view of your business with security features built right into the program.

Power BI and Power BI for Office 365

It is important to understand that Microsoft Power BI and Power BI for Office 365 are two different products. Power BI for Office 365 is the original version of the service. It has been deprecated and replaced with Power BI. However, there are still different features across the various plans that are available. Power BI is provided as part of the overall Office 365 Enterprise E5 version and can be customized by Synivate to meet your unique needs and requirements. Our team can help you maximize the return on your investment with Microsoft Power BI, ensuring that you have all of the tools and options you need to fully take advantage of the advanced reporting features in this business analytics tool.

Who Uses Power BI Analytics?

Many different industries are currently using Microsoft Power BI to provide them with the insight and data that they need to stay ahead of the competition and intelligently grow their business. Analysts can use the advanced reporting features of Power BI to connect to hundreds of sources, easily prepare data and create impressive reports in just minutes. Business owners and department managers can stay on top of data by viewing dashboards on mobile devices. Alerts can even be sent out when data changes, providing real-time information at your fingertips. IT Departments can take advantage of the tools available in Microsoft Power BI to simplify management and secure data while providing access to team members who require the collected information.

Greater Boston Industry Solutions

Synivate provides our clients with innovative technology solutions that can be used to grow, expand, and take your business to the next level. One of the many tools that we use to help our clients achieve this is Microsoft Power BI. This business analytics tool helps companies to put their own data to work, gaining insight into new avenues for growth that can be monetized to increase abilities and the bottom line. Retail businesses can tap into the data generated by shoppers who are eager to provide reviews and details about shopping habits, consumer awareness, and other valuable information.

Operations, marketing, sales, finance, telecommunications, collaboration, and other essential aspects of your business can all benefit from the advanced reporting features and data collection available through Power BI analytics. Microsoft Power BI is available for desktop, mobile, and can be used as a report server at the enterprise level. Synivate can offer consulting services that you can use to help you determine whether this business analytics tool is right for you. We can create custom industry solutions that will help you meet current demands while making strategic plans for the future.

Dependable IT Services & Support

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