AI-based app risks for Boston businessesA couple of weeks ago it seemed like everyone was posting the FaceApp pictures of themselves on social media with the old age filter. This app went viral supernova overnight with big-time celebrities leading the way. There was even a #faceappchallenge hashtag going around that really helped to get everyone else on board. Unfortunately, AI-based apps in Boston like this one can mean serious network security issues. People were using this app everywhere – at home, on the subway, on vacation, and even at work with company-owned devices. Sadly, employee security risks like this one are not unique. This is just one of the reasons why today’s businesses need to focus on Greater Boston network security that includes employee education and support.

Why Companies Should Be Concerned

Whether your team is using company-owned devices or logging onto social media using the company network, you need to be concerned about employees downloading these types of apps. Unlike other applications that have been scanned and tested for potential data risks, these apps have not been checked for undocumented features and can even utilize the user’s device for activities that are not always obvious. If an app asks you to provide any data – no matter how big or small – there’s a reason for it. They want to use that data in some way, shape, or form to advance their real purpose. All smartphone and mobile device users should be aware of this fact and do everything they can to safeguard their data and privacy in all forms.

Companies need to address employee security risks like this one and prohibit the downloading of AI-based apps in Boston and the surrounding area. Your approach to Greater Boston network security should be comprehensive and address all areas of concern, including employee activities. Whether they use a company-owned device or one of their own, it is essential that they know the potential hazards and network security issues that could negatively impact your business. Security experts around the globe are warning businesses about the potential hazards associated with the data and images collected and stored by FaceApp and other similar apps. The bottom line is that any mobile app is a potential privacy issue, regardless of how it uses biometric data or artificial intelligence to operate.

Making Cyber Attacks Fun

Security experts are saying that AI-based apps in Boston and all over the globe are using fun activities, such as making a person look 20 or 50 years older in a blink, to gain access to essential data that could be used against the business. Just because an app is popular or “everyone is doing it” does not mean that it is safe. While the Russian-based CEO of FaceApp has been interviewed and questioned about the safety of the app and the transfer or storing of images and has denied that images are kept beyond 48 hours from upload date, the experts are still warning against this type of activity. Many companies are now working with consultants on network security issues and risks like this one with Synivate to develop strategies and solutions that will prevent employees from downloading these apps.

While most businesses agree that they need to take steps to improve their Greater Boston network security, there are many that are still vulnerable to data breach or attack. When you work with Synivate to address your network security issues, develop a backup and recovery plan, and safeguard your company’s essential data, we can help you to identify employee security risks and do something about them. In addition, software updates, software upgrades, and firmware updates are some of the things that you can make sure you do on a regular basis to prevent attackers from accessing financial information or install malicious code. Sometimes all it takes is a simple update or patch to fix known vulnerabilities.

Protect Your Business

Companies that think they can rely on anti-malware and antivirus programs to fully protect them from attack are only fooling themselves. It is important to work with a professional team to eliminate employee security risks and integrate Greater Boston network security solutions designed to protect and secure your entire system. If you are ready to get started and address common issues like AI-based apps in Boston and other network security issues, give us a call at 617-517-0704 and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced technicians. We can answer any questions you might have about our network security programs and services or provide you with access to a FREE IT assessment online.