boston business continuity solutionsMany of the innovative technology solutions that we provide to our clients in the Greater Boston area have something to do with business continuity. As more businesses rely heavily on a complex network of technology for their daily operations and communications, it becomes clear that IT solutions for business must focus on understanding the potential risks and finding ways to recover from a disaster. A cloud-based disaster recovery program can provide benefits to Boston data protection. However, for many organizations, the key is in identifying the essential data and determining what needs to be protected to maintain their business in the future.

Common Threats to Today’s Businesses

While cyber attacks play a part in the need for increased awareness about network security, employee education, and business continuity solutions, they are not the only threat. Natural disasters have wiped out many businesses who did not have a cloud-based disaster recovery system in place and were never able to overcome the loss of data and vital organization information. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, lightning strikes, and winter storms have all been responsible for the death of many businesses in the northeastern states and across the country.

Some of the other events and situations that can threaten a business include:

  • malicious attacks outside of cyber attacks, including vandalism, threats to a company’s reputation, protests, robbery, armed intruders, bomb threats, terrorism, and riots
  • humanmade or tech-based events, which include industrial accidents, communications or utility outages, transportation accidents, fires, explosions, system disruptions, and even chemical or Haz-Mat spills
  • supply chain issues and disturbances, including transportation problems, regulatory requirement violations, and even counterfeit parts or components
  • workforce problems, including long-term illnesses, fatalities, disabilities, and strikes
  • human error to include things like carelessness, work fatigue, substance abuse in the workplace, misconduct, and issues with training or ongoing maintenance

What Risks Threaten Your Business the Most?

The type of work that you do and the industry that you serve can make a big difference in the threat assessment of your organization. Companies that rely heavily on technology can benefit greatly from innovative technology solutions and Greater Boston data protection that targets the areas where they are the most vulnerable. Our IT solutions for business are custom designed with your needs, industry regulations, and related risks in mind. We also take into account other outside factors that could play a potential factor in the demand for redundant cloud-based disaster recovery and system monitoring services.

Some of the mitigating factors that can increase your risks include the geographical location of your business, such as being in the middle of a flood zone, an industrial area, or near a major airport. We also consider the historical record of your area and the physical construction of your business, much like an insurance company would be assessing risk factors. If certain things might make you more susceptible to a particular type of threat or damage that could impact your business, it’s a good idea to plan for it and be prepared. Any concerning issues directly related to your business, including employees, relationships, problems with neighbors, or concerns with local residents, should also be considered.

What Would You Do?

If your business experienced any of the potential risks or events outlined above, what would you do? Do you have a backup and recovery plan in place at the moment, or would you be left to scramble and try to put the pieces back together on your own? Seemingly small situations, such as a stolen company laptop or mobile device, could put your entire operation at risk, depending on the information that can be accessed from those devices. Employee issues, such as malicious behavior or checking personal email and clicking on encrypted links from company computers, could also be just as damaging.

Synivate works with you and your team to develop IT solutions for business that focus on creating a custom backup strategy development for business continuity. We identify your essential data and choose backup techniques that will provide layers of Boston data protection. Our goal is to establish a comprehensive and complex backup solution to meet the security demands of your business. Secure storage must also be designed to meet your industry needs with multiple backups of your esssential data in case one copy gets destroyed. Backup file testing is also essential to determine the value and validity of your hard copy and cloud-based disaster recovery plan.

Contact our team by calling 617-517-0704 and speak with one of our technicians about your concerns regarding business continuity. We can provide innovative technology solutions designed to meet or exceed your expectations and protect you from potential disaster. Call today for more information about our IT solutions for business to ensure your Greater Boston data protection now and in the future.